Dec 26, 2012

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Eco & Smart Lifestyles at Eco-Products 2012 in Tokyo, Japan

From December 13 to 15, Panasonic showcased its smart energy products at the annual Eco-Products Exhibition 2012 held at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan. At the exhibition, Panasonic introduced its representation of Eco & Smart Lifestyles that can be achieved by linking together a wide range of its smart appliances.

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The Eco-Products Exhibition is one of the largest environmentally themed exhibitions in Japan. This year, the 14th edition, under the theme of "The Greener, The Smarter - The Future We Will Choose," over 700 companies and organizations are introducing leading-edge environmental products, technologies, services, and activities.
A feature of the Panasonic booth for this year is its composition, making a clear distinction between zones for children and for adults. This is because the special character of the Eco Products Fair is taken into consideration. The event includes an aspect of targeting children, such as displaying show pieces for parent and child, or family enjoyment, as well as being utilized as a place of environmental education for the great number of children and students who visit each year, numbering approximately 20,000. By using classified zones, Panasonic displays effective show pieces to help visitors, especially the children who will lead the future, to understand Panasonic's environmental initiatives.

The Panasonic booth demonstrates its commitment to efforts to realize ecological lifestyles without sacrificing comfort through the creation, storage, and efficient utilization of green energy. The main features of the Panasonic booth are as follows.

Corporate Stage

  • 02-2012EcoPro.JPG
    Through interactive visuals and explanation from Panasonic staff, Panasonic's energy management system is explained

The Corporate Stage introduces Panasonic's Smart Home Energy Management System (SMARTHEMS) that manages energy usage by visualizing power consumption and automatically controlling the connected electrical equipment to help save energy around the house. With examples of energy use in everyday life settings, visitors can easily grasp how the system works.

Display Corner

Smart Energy: Panasonic's unique SMARTHEMS, with AiSEG at the core, which helps save energy comfortably and smartly is introduced together with compatible home appliances (air conditioners, IH cooking heaters, Eco Cute water heaters) and energy creation-storage linked systems.
Smart Appliances: New functions and energy-saving features of Panasonic's ECO NAVI technology are presented with a focus on the latest ECO NAVI-line refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines.
SMARTHEMS Installation Examples: Examples include PanaHome Smart-City Shioashiya in western Japan, with smart houses -- every one of them equipped with SMARTHEMS -- now on sale.

  • 05-2012EcoPro.JPG
    Demonstration of the Smart Energy Solutions Provided by SMARTHEMS
  • 03-2012EcoPro.JPG
    Examples of Panasonic's Smart Appliances with ECONAVI
  • 04-2012EcoPro.JPG
    Showcasing a Real-life Example of the SMARTHEMS Installation for PanaHome

Environmental Education Corner

Here children can learn ways to conserve the environment in a workshop setting. With the theme of "Eco-friendly Homes Come with Solar-power Generation Systems and Storage Batteries," children will explore how solar power generation systems and storage batteries can achieve a low-carbon lifestyle, using tablet computers. This is designed for children in the upper grades of elementary school.

Environmental Initiatives Corner

This section provides updates on Panasonic's recycling-oriented manufacturing initiatives since last year, focusing on resources recycling. The corner highlights the company's initiatives in implementing the concept of "Make → Use → Return." They include Panasonic's advanced technologies for recycling materials like resins, glass, and metals; its achievements in resources recycling; and its latest initiatives to address environmental issues.

  • 07-2012EcoPro.JPG
  • 08-2012EcoPro.JPG
  • 09-2012EcoPro.JPG

Young visitors exploring the Panasonic booth to learn about the various environmental issues and how Panasonic is taking initiative

  • 10-2012EcoPro.JPG
    Award from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


On the opening day of the fair, the 9th Eco Products Award ceremony was held, and Panasonic received recognition in the following two divisions:

  • Eco Products category: The Award from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was presented to PanaHome Corporation for PURETECH -- A Comprehensive Home Solution with Insulation Materials and the ECO NAVI Ventilation System (PanaHome's eco ideas house)
  • Eco Services category: The Excellence Award of the Chairman of the Eco Products Promotion Council was presented to Industrial Devices Company, Kyotango City Hall, and AMITA Corporation for the Food Recycling System

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