Dec 05, 2012

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Campaign for Eco Navi Products Starts Full-Swing in China

On November 23, 2012, Panasonic Consumer Marketing China (PCMCN) held a joint press conference with the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Beijing, to make a formal announcement about the Eco Navi product group.

The press conference where Eco Navi products were unveiled was held in the Environmental Certification Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and was attended by many major media outlets including China Central Television, newspapers and magazines, etc. At the same time, a presentation ceremony for the China Environmental Labeling Type II, a Chinese environmental certification label, was also held. This is the first time in China that a private sector has made a press announcement from inside a government building.China Environmental Labeling Type II is the highest environmental protection product certification issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as a national government standard in order to promote the proliferation of eco products in China. The certification method and procedures are compliant with the ISO 14020 series standards.

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Press Conference Held in the Environmental Certification Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Environmental Certification Labels Shown by Panasonic's Directors

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    China Type I Environmental Certification Label

Approved use of the China Environmental Labeling Type II shows that the product is superior to environmentally-friendly, for instance by fulfilling the required conditions to protect the environment through every stage of production, usage and disposal of products; for effectively utilizing resources, and the label is also widely recognized by consumers.

Attending this press conference were government officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, including Mr. Song, Director of the Environmental Development Center, Mr. Xi, Associate Director, and Mr. Chen, Director of Environmental Certification Center. From Panasonic, Senior Managing Director Yoshiiku Miyata, Director of the Global Consumer Marketing Sector; Executive Officer Hidetoshi Osawa, Chairman and President of Panasonic Corporation of China (PCN); and Executive Officer Takeo Endo, Managing Director of PCMCN, and attended this press conference.

At the beginning, Senior Managing Director Miyata spoke of the history of Panasonic's business activities in China, environmental initiatives, and its concepts. After that, Managing Director Endo explained the concept of Eco Navi and Eco Navi products. At the press conference, numerous media reporters were taking a keen interest, and they also asked many questions and made a number of comments at the Q&A, showing their high level of interest.

Four Eco Navi products which had acquired the China Environmental Labeling Type II this time, being an air conditioner, drum-type washing machine, refrigerator and air purifier were on display at the press conference, as well as the Eco Navi products group which is scheduled to be introduced in the future, such as a flat-panel TV, dehumidifier, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker and hygiene toilet seat. The number of products in the range will be increased to 12 by 2014.

In response to the acquisition of the China Environmental Labeling Type II this time, following Nanoe which was introduced last year, Panasonic will build up an energetic campaign for the Eco Navi product group, aim to establish the brand image of Global Eco Friendliness No. 1 and spread energy-saving consumer electronics to the best of our ability to focus on contributing to energy-saving and environmental conservation in the Chinese Market.

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    Advocating the Principles of Eco Navi by Using Skeleton Model

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