Nov 07, 2012

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"DIVE into World Heritage 3D" Won the Special Award "Culture" of "Innovative Technologies"

"DIVE into World Heritage 3D," comprised of 5 plasma displays that depict the wonders of the World Heritage sites in beautiful panoramic 3D images, won the special award "Culture" of "Innovative Technologies" sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

  • 01_201211_DWH3D.jpg
    Panasonic's 3D Panorama Imaging System, "DIVE into World Heritage 3D"

This special award "Culture" is given to technologies especially expected to have ripple effects and be applied in the areas of culture and art.

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    "DIVE into World Heritage 3D" Won the Special Award
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    "Culture" of "Innovative Technologies" Certificate of Merit

About "DIVE into World Heritage 3D"

A super wide landscape is created with 5 large screen plasma displays placed in embracing positions. What world lies beyond when you watch 3D images on this gigantic display system? "DIVE into World Heritage 3D" has brought to life a magnificent world of majestic images.

  • Behind the Scenes - DIVE into World Heritage 3D -

Technical Description

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    "DIVE into World Heritage 3D" Filmed with Five Panasonic Integrated Twin-lens 3D Camera Recorders

"DIVE into World Heritage 3D" is a system that multi-records and displays world heritage sites as 3D images with a visual angle of 150° across 5 sources (10 sources left and right) by synchronizing the time codes of five Panasonic integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorders (AG-3DA1) mounted in a fan shape with an open angle of 30°.
During display, the playback synchronizes the five sources in the large 3D display of the five Panasonic cameras mounted at the same angle as the open angle set during filming. In consideration of the display frame width also, the stereo design for each 3D image displays the same stereo sense, and naturally continuous images. Each camera films by recording the left and right aspects in high definition, and synchronizing the time codes of a total of ten sources. Further, the audio also creates a video experience space with a sense of being there by incorporating 5.1ch surround sound.

*Panasonic, as a part of company wide efforts of contributing to the sustainable development, has signed an agreement with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Together, through conservation of world heritage sites and education for the next generation, we aim to realize sustainable development for a better future.

About "Innovative Technologies"

This project is to find and evaluate advanced technologies expected to contribute greatly to the growth of the content industry, share them at the place of collaboration with industries and universities, and disseminate them to the community, based on the scenario of technological development stated in the "Technological Strategy Japan 2012 (Content Field)," complied by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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    "DIVE into World Heritage 3D" Has Brought to Life a Magnificent World of Majestic Images
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    "Digital Contents EXPO 2012" Offer to Experience "DIVE into World Heritage 3D"

Industry and academia submissions of candidates for Innovative Technologies were publicly called for, and there were 86 applications in total. Among them, 22 outstanding content technologies were selected through strict examination by an evaluation committee comprised of content technology experts in industry and academia, and were adopted as "Innovative Technologies."

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