Oct 04, 2012

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Panasonic to Showcase Eco & Smart Lifestyle at CEATEC JAPAN 2012

Panasonic showcases its latest products and technologies that realize an eco-friendly and smart lifestyle at CEATEC JAPAN 2012, the largest cutting-edge IT and electronics trade show in Japan, from October 2 to 6 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City on the outskirts of Tokyo. Panasonic runs two booths: "Life & Society Stage" and "Panasonic Devices Booth".

1. Life & Society Stage

Under the theme of "Eco & Smart Lifestyle," Panasonic presents an ecological lifestyle which is simple, convenient, safe and secure, pleasant and comfortable, with a variety of the company's smart offerings ranging from audiovisual equipment to home appliances and energy solutions.

Corporate Stage
  • 01_ceatec2012.jpg
  • 02_ceatec2012.jpg

On the Corporate stage, Panasonic's concepts, products and technologies are presented in an easy-to-understand way. Smart appliances, which are linked to each other and are connected to cloud-based services, offer new value for consumers. Panasonic will take the lead and develop its business with its wide range of smart appliances. The introduction on the stage includes the company's Smart AV equipment which not only serves as an entertainment center but also a communications tool with a variety of content, games and applications offered on the cloud; Smart Appliances that evolve even after the purchase in line with advances in lifestyle in the future; and Smart Energy that lets users save energy without sacrificing comfort as well as helping prepare for emergencies such as power cuts.

Eco & Smart Lifestyle Demonstration Tour
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The Tour Provides Visitors Firsthand Experience of the Benefits of Connectivity with Demonstrations in Everyday Life Settings

Display Corners
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Smart AV:
This corner introduces Panasonic's latest digital AV products with enhanced network functions, including Smart VIERA televisions and Smart DIGA Blu-ray Disc players and recorders that offer increased ease of use through connectivity with smartphones and other AV equipment.

  • 06_ceatec2012.jpg

Smart Appliances:
A wide-ranging lineup of Panasonic smart appliances that can be connected to cloud-based services via smartphones are demonstrated. They include cooking appliances that will add new joy to cooking by enabling the user to search and download recipes from the cloud and speed up cooking time, and personal healthcare equipment that will make daily health management easier.

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Smart Energy:
Panasonic's Smart Home Energy Management System (SMARTHEMS) and AiSEG, a core component of SMARTHEMS, are presented with compatible home appliances - air conditioners, IH cooking heaters and EcoCute heat pump hot water supply system - and Panasonic's energy creation-storage linked system.

Special & Topical Exhibits
Panasonic's 145-inch 8K plasma display and 20-inch 4K LCDs are on display to demonstrate the company's high-definition display technology. Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town is also introduced. Other exhibits include Panasonic's Interactive Plasma Display (digital blackboard), LUMIX digital cameras and Let's note personal computers.

  • 09_ceatec2012_8K145.jpg
    145-inch 8K Plasma Display
  • 08_ceatec2012_4K20.jpg
    20-inch 4K LCD
  • 14_ceatec2012_GH3.jpg
    LUMIX GH3 Frams
  • 15_ceatec2012_GH3lens.jpg
    LUMIX G series Lenses
  • 16_ceatec2012_letsnote.jpg
    Letsnote New Series
  • Video Report of the Press Conference for New Product Announcement of Smart Home Appliance on Aug 21, 2012

2. Panasonic Devices Booth - Key Technology Stage

Under the theme of "Innovative Industrial Devices Paving the Future of Our World," Panasonic introduces here a wide range of advanced devices and solutions that fulfill customer needs, with focus on the three key areas: environmental infrastructure, eco cars and mobile.

  • 10_ceatec2012.jpg
    Panasonic Devices Booth
  • 11_ceatec2012.jpg
    Environmental Infrastructure: Devices for Power Meters (photo), LED Lighting and Solar/Power Conditioners
  • 12_ceatec2012.jpg
    Eco Cars: Devices for Ppowertrains and HMI (human machine interface) that Assist Drivers
  • 13_ceatec2012.jpg
    Mobile: Devices Supporting Compact and Slim Design, a Variety of UIs (user interfaces) and Sensors

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