Aug 24, 2012

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Panasonic Participates in Photo Image Brazil & Consumer Electronics Expo 2012

Panasonic exhibited a booth at the Photo Image Brazil & Brazil Consumer Electronic Expo, the largest trade fair in Brazil for showing the latest products and technology trends, inclusive of digital cameras and AV equipment, held from August 14 to 16, 2012. The Panasonic booth combined the LUMIX G series, Smart VIERA lineup to home appliances under the overall brand campaign called "[re]pense." 

  • 01.PhotoImageExpo.jpg
    Panasonic booth

A total of 240 companies attended the show at the Expo Centro Norte in San Paulo. Visitors numbered around 35,000.

Panasonic had a 456 m2 booth, second in size only to Sony's, displaying LUMIX G series mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and G series lenses, the Smart VIERA lineup, and headphones.

The appliances corner newly set up from last year showcased products such as refrigerators and washing machines.

The entire booth held to the single blue-and-white image of the "repense" ("rethink" in English) brand campaign active in advertising, in-store displays, and online from this spring in Brazil.

The LUMIX corner showed the latest G5, GX1, and GF5 models plus compatible lenses. There was also a camera shoot corner with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games official sponsor logo, beginning media appeal for the next Olympics. The professional photographer Marcio Scavone was invited to the venue to give a photo seminar using the LUMIX G series. A great many camera enthusiasts listened with great interest.

  • 02.PhotoImageExpo.jpg
    Rio 2016-themed camera shoot corner
  • 03.PhotoImageExpo.jpg
    Seminar by the professional photographer Marcio Scavone

The Smart VIERA corner had a whole wall covered with the product lineup starting from the WT and VT series, and featured the high picture quality in both 2D and 3D along with their stylish design, plus demos for functions such as Skype.  

  • 04.PhotoImageExpo.jpg
    The appliances corner

The appliances corner had refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and other white goods on display, emphasizing a clean image with environmental features.

There was also a poster featuring Panaonic's brand adviser, Neymar da Silva, an Brazilian footballer, and a photography corner with a life-size mannequin of him, which caught the attention of visitors.

The press conference on the first day of the show was attended by approximately 30 reporters and introduced Panasonic's Green Innovation Company vision and new products for LUMIX, Smart VIERA, and so on. Products were also shown to our major suppliers and trade talks also held.

Panasonic do Brasil Limitada (PANABRAS) is actively engaged in the upcoming opening ceremony for its local appliances factory in September, sales of refrigerators produced by the new factory from October, and integrated manufacturing-sales efforts for the end-of-year sales season.

  • 05.PhotoImageExpo.jpg
    The Smart VIERA corner
  • 06.PhotoImageExpo.jpg
    The Neymar poster and his photography corner were well received

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