Aug 22, 2012

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Panasonic Makes an Appearance in the ISSEY MIYAKE MEN SPRING SUMMER 2013 Show in Paris

ISSEY MIYAKE MEN spring summer 2013 collection was held in Paris, where Panasonic's titanium electric assist bicycle took part under the theme, "PAPER / LIGHT / CYCLING."

  • 01-PanasonicCycletech.jpg
    Model Cruising in Panasonic's Electronic Assist Bicycle at the ISSEY MIYAKE MEN SPRING SUMMER 2013 Collection in Paris ©2012 ISSEY MIYAKE INC.

In the collection, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN focused its attention on garments made from paper. The designs were created by placing a modern interpretation on traditional Japanese paper 'Washi', a material that has been used in Japan since ancient times for everyday clothing.

  • 02-PanasonicCycleTech.JPG
    ISSEY MIYAKE MEN SPRING SUMMER 2013 Exhibition in Tokyo

ISSEY MIYAKE MEN developed a washable paper textile with design forms and details based on its idea of bicycle riding around town. The Washi paper became washable by laminating the surface of the material bonded with rayon. For the rider's safety, fluorescent reflectors were incorporated on the collars, chests, sleeves or skirts of coats and jackets. In addition, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN proposed highly functional clothes for people who are constantly on the move by taking in linen, bamboo and using splashed pattern dyes, tie dying and other techniques.

  • 03-PanasonicCycletech.jpg
  • 04-PanasonicCycletech.jpg

Sporty Clothes Made with Washable Washi Paper ©2012 ISSEY MIYAKE INC.

Panasonic's titanium electric assist bicycle that took part in the collection is the Titanium Flat Road EB, the high end model of Panasonic's electric assist bicycles lineup. It is made with a titanium frame which is light and has superior shock absorption. The latest model can be equipped with 12Ah lithium ion battery which makes the rider run approximately 78 kilometers at long run mode after four-hour charging. What makes each bicycle unique is the fact that it is all hand made by Panasonic craftsmen. If you order one, your original one-of-a-kind electric bicycle will be at your hands complete with your choice of various options such as bicycle frame size, battery size, and frame color.

  • 05-PanasonicCycletech.JPG
    Panasonic Custom Made Titanium Flat Road EB

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