Jun 07, 2012

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Panasonic Chargepad Starts Wireless Charging Service in 90 Locations Within Japan

Panasonic has started a fit-out of its Chargepad, a wireless charging pad, for seven companies in 90 locations, which includes 27 stores of Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. Installation begins in May and is scheduled to continue until March 2013.

  • 01-WirelessChargepad.jpg
    Wireless Charging Pad (Installation Example)
    Panasonic's Wireless Charging Compatible with Panasonic's docomo ELUGATM V P-06D Smartphone
  • 02-WirelessChargepad.jpg
    Wireless Charging Pad (Example of Usage) Customers Can Enjoy Coffee at Tully's Coffee on Sankita Road at Hankyu Sannomiya While Using the Charging Pad

The Panasonic Chargepad is a new way of charging mobile terminals and can wirelessly charge Qi*1 compatible terminals such as mobile phones, smartphones, and USB mobile power supplies. The transmission coil of the Chargepad is able to achieve free positioning based charging, automatically detecting and moving in accordance with the position of the device being charged through the use of Panasonic's unique moving coil technology, which supports Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) Qi specifications.

If you have Qi compatible mobile phone or smartphone, you can stop by and experience wireless charging at some of the places within Japan where the Panasonic Chargepad is installed to charge the terminals. Two special attachments (for micro USB and for 3G) are prepared for this campaign so that those who do not have Qi-compatible mobile phone or smartphone can experience wireless charging as an attachment make it Qi-compatible one.

Panasonic plans to conduct a marketing of USB mobile power supplies (non Qi compatible models) to charge mobile terminals this summer in Asia including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia where demand for smartphones is growing rapidly. The USB mobile power supplies also help you when your cell phone is run out of battery!

  • 03-WirelessChargepad.jpg
  • 04-WirelessChargepad.jpg

*1 Qi is the registered trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium.

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