Jun 09, 2012

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Lighting Up the Tokyo Skyline with Panasonic LEDs

May 22, 2012, saw the official opening of the world's tallest broadcast tower, the Tokyo SKYTREE, symbolizing the start of a bright new future for Japan.

  • Panasonic LEDs on the Tokyo SKYTREE, at the "Symphony of Light" Event on May 6, 2012

Located in the Oshigami district of central Tokyo, the historical heart of the Edo (the previous name for Tokyo) region, the SKYTREE stands at an astounding 634m, giving visitors to the tower a previously unseen view of the city. The unique design of this landmark tower, which starts as a triangle at the base and gradually becomes a cylinder at the top, and its spectacular lighting really make it a fantastic addition to the Tokyo night skyline.

The LED lighting used on the SKYTREE has been supplied by Panasonic. The color design scheme of the lighting reflects the traditional Edo roots of the region, with a pale blue, representing the Sumida River, and a royal purple, known as "Edo Murasaki" (murasaki means purple in Japanese) inlaid with gold leaf.

In total, almost 2,000 LED lights are installed on the tower. Six different types of specialist LED lighting designed by Panasonic combined with the company's advanced lighting control systems work to create the stunning colors and spectacular lighting effects on the SKYTREE, as seen during the "Symphony of Light" event of the Tokyo Hotaru Festival.

With its advanced LED lighting and control technologies, Panasonic is aiming to provide low energy and long life lighting solutions, contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions and lowering its impact on the environment.

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