Panasonic Wins the International 3D Society's Century Award

Feb 18, 2013

Panasonic is honored to have been named as the inaugural winner of the Century Award, the top prize presented at the 4th Creative Awards hosted by the International 3D Society (I3DS).

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    Panasonic Wins the International 3D Society's Century Award
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    Ron Martin, Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory

This year's awards ceremony was hosted at the Beverley Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on February 6, 2013. Representing Panasonic was Ron Martin, Vice President of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL).

The I3DS is an organization formed to supply educational opportunities for training 3D specialists and showing 3D works and technologies, and to promote the development of 3D by recognizing achievements in the field.

The Century Award was established this year to be presented to a company whose epoch-making achievements will live long in the history of 3D. Panasonic was the inaugural winner of the Charles Wheatstone Award -- the top prize in the I3DS Technology Awards -- in October 2010, and has now followed up this honor by being named as the first winner of this top prize in the Creative Awards as well.

The company was praised highly for its contribution to the first 3D broadcasts in Olympic Games history at London last year.

Panasonic's initiatives included the following:

  • Sealing partnership contracts with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) toward the 3D broadcast of London 2012
  • Provision of technical guidance and technologies such as AG-3DP1 integrated twin-lens camera recorders to effectively promote greater broadcasting quality
  • Olympic promotions in different regions

Accepting the award, Ron Martin expressed his joy at Panasonic having being selected for such a prestigious honor. He said, "Thanks to the support of many cable operators, satellite carriers, and partners such as NBC and Olympic Broadcasting Services, more than 260 hours of 3D footage was broadcast throughout the course of London 2012. I am very proud that Panasonic was able to contribute to this unprecedented 3D broadcasting for viewers in more than 20 different countries."

Panasonic will now look to build upon this success to further develop and promote its global businesses for BtoB partners in particular.

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