Panasonic's Life Innovation Container Stands Out at JUMBARA Event

Jul 05, 2011

For a six day span starting on July 4, 2011, Panasonic's Life Innovation Container took a leading role in an event hosted by the Indonesian Red Cross Society called "JUMBARA 2011.*" Held every fifth year, the Life Innovation Container made its first appearance to support the mobile office for the Indonesian Red Cross to power various transmission and office equipments at this year's JUMBARA event held at the Limboto Campgrounds in Gorontalo, Indonesia. Aside from Panasonic's support in supplying electricity even in off-grid areas, Panasonic is also attracting attention with its VIERA TVs and LED lamps displays at the Red Cross first-aid demonstration tents.

  • Here is a Flash News Video from the Actual Sport "JUMBARA", Indonesia

*JUMBARA: An Indonesian term meaning to meet together and devote to be happy. Jumpa To meet Bakti Devotion Gembira To be happy The JUMBARA event is a five year event that brings together youths from the Youth Red Cross Association to educate them on skills to deal with emergency situations in event of disasters or accidents.

What is the Life Innovation Container?

  • 01_jumbara_container.jpg
    Panasonic's Life Innovation Container Being Viewed by the JUMBARA Participants

The Life Innovation Container provided by Panasonic is a demonstration of Panasonic's innovative and comprehensive energy solutions in "creating, storing and saving energy." Being easily transportable by sea, rail and land, the container is expected to provide electricity to power off-grid areas and support disaster-ridden areas as temporary infrastructure.

In detail, the Life Innovation Container is equipped with eighteen HIT solar modules, 48 storage batteries and an inverter, which can generate on average 6.7KWh. When fully charged, the container can continue providing electricity for three days, even without sunlight.

As part of the curriculum, participants of JUMBARA were able to watch videos on the VIERA TVs provided by Panasonic. But what took them by surprise was that the VIERA TV sets were also powered by the Life Innovation Container's solar panel and storage battery system.

  • 05_jumbara_office.jpg
    The Red Cross Sets Their Mobile Office in Life Innovation Container
  • 02_jambara_electric.jpg
    Electrical Equipment Powered by the Life Innovation Container

Aside from the Life Innovation Container, Panasonic and its overseas company Panasonic Gobel Indonesia has also donated 3,000 LED necklights to the JUMBARA participants as useful equipment during emergency situations.

  • 03_jambara_led.jpg
    Children are Working with LED Necklights Donated by Panasonic
  • 04_jambara_necklight.jpg
    A LED Necklight

Through comprehensive energy solutions utilizing solar panels and storage batteries such as the Life Innovation Container, Panasonic is committed to helping build a sustainable society in collaboration with various countries, governments and NGOs as a part of its corporate citizenship activities. Making the 'environment' central to all of its business activities, Panasonic aims to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry, and offer a better living to provide people around the world with peace of mind, comfort and joy in a sustainable way.

  • 07_jumbara_smile.jpg

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*Currently, Life Innovation Container is planned to be provided for social contribution activities in the affected areas and areas without electricity. Selling price is under consideration. Thank you.

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