Showcasing the concept and initiatives to realize a sustainable society set out in our Mission and Vision

Osaka, Japan, September 25, 2023 – Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., a Panasonic Group company, has released Integrated Report 2023, which details the company’s initiatives in FY2023, on the Sustainability page of the corporate website.

Since its establishment in April 2022, Panasonic Energy has focused on energy solutions centered on batteries for the in-vehicle sector and the industrial and consumer sector. The company has also worked on the establishment of ESG (environment, social, and governance) management to promote environmental contributions.

Panasonic Energy has issued its first integrated report to inform various stakeholders about its initiatives from both financial and non-financial aspects. The report describes the strengths, strategy, and business performance of the company’s battery business, presents the company’s sustainability-related concept, and reports policies and initiatives on material issues.

The “Environment” section explains the company’s contribution to the decarbonization of society mainly through the automotive battery business. It also illustrates the initiatives toward a circular society, which is a responsibility of Panasonic Energy because the company consumes a large amount of natural resources in the production activities. The “Social” section describes policies and initiatives on human capital, which drives our growth. The “Governance” section reports on corporate governance and compliance, which are the foundation essential for autonomous responsible management as an operating company.

Panasonic Energy will endeavor to upgrade the report in the following fiscal year and beyond and deepen communication with various stakeholders as a member of the Panasonic Group.

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