Jul 21, 2023

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Panasonic Connect Releases Software Upgrade (V1.5.0) for KAIROS Core 200 Mainframe

Realizes more flexible and efficient video production
including support for newly developed touch control panel software

Tokyo, Japan Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. today announced the July 21 release of a system software upgrade, Version 1.5.0, for its recently released Kairos Core 200 mainframe (AT-KC200), which pairs with the KAIROS IT/IP platform for professional live-video production and distribution. In particular, the V1.5.0 upgrade will enhance intuitive KAIROS operation via support for the new Touch Control Panel Software (AT-SFTC10)1 option, which will go on sale from June 30 for use with the Kairos Core 200 mainframe. The upgrade also adds extended functionality, including 4 outputs and 4K/HD simultaneous output for Multiviewer, multiple selection of clips, sources and objects in Kairos Creator, input/output video captured as clip videos on the RAM player or as still images, for more flexible video production in diverse operating and shooting environments.

The AT-SFTC10 software will enable intuitive operation of the Multiviewer screen on touch-panel PCs, including video selection, camera switching, clip playback and more, making it easy for anyone, even non-expert operators, to use KAIROS. It will also allow KAIROS to be operated from PCs that have not installed Kairos Creator. The AT-SFTC10 will be provided with a software key activated by entering a code.

The AT-KC200 is a second-generation mainframe in the KAIROS midrange lineup which offers significant improvements in video processing performance, internal storage capacity, reliability and stability. It is fully compatible with touch operation of the Multiviewer screen and other V1.5.0 features, for highly flexible video production.

Panasonic Connect continues to steadily reinvent video production sites with its innovative KAIROS IT/IP platform, helping video producers to richly and expressively convey all the emotion and excitement of special moments captured for audiences worldwide. Panasonic Connect is committed to contributing to a sustainable society and to ensuring well-being for all.

V1.5.0 Software Update for Kairos Core 200 mainframe (AT-KC200)1

  • Touch-panel support2 for intuitive video selection, camera switching, clip playback, etc. via Multiviewer screen on touch-panel PCs (Windows 10 & 11 but not available for Mac OS)
  • Capturing still images, as well as video clips on the RAM player from KAIROS input/output video
  • 2.5D DVE support (rotation and position adjustment using X, Y and Z axes)
  • Extended support for system log, including GUI screen warnings (fan speed, power unit, etc.)
  • Kairos Creator Multi-Select for various GUIs:
     – Multiple clip selection (Still Image, RAM/Clip Player and Audio)
     – Multiple source selection (Source Options)
     – Multiple input selections (Input Source)
     – Multiple object selection (Paint)
  • Multiviewer outputs doubled to 4, plus support for 4K/HD simultaneous outputs.
  • Improved operability across many other functions

1 AT-SFTC10 will be supported by Kairos Core 100, Kairos Core 1000, and Kairos Core 2000 mainframes (scheduled for release in Q3 2023) with V1.5 update for each mainframe.
2 Requires AT-SFTC10 software option (software key), sold separately.

New products launched after June 2023

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Kairos Core 200 (Main Frame)

Touch Control Panel Software (Software Key)

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Release Date

June 14, 2023

June 30, 2023

About KAIROS IT/IP Platform

KAIROS has revolutionized video shooting, creation and projection processes for live production and distribution. As an IT-based open-architecture platform, KAIROS allows users to synthesize as many scenes and layers as the GPU permits for expressive, low-latency production, free from the video-format and mix-effect limitations of conventional hardware. The IP-based interface flexibly handles diverse inputs and outputs, network transmission and remote production via the cloud. KAIROS enables professional live on-site broadcasting and distribution by small teams, without relay vehicles, and unconstrained by normal limits on remote resources as well as time and location.

About Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2022 as part of the Panasonic Group’s switch to an operating company system. With roughly 29,500 employees worldwide and annual sales of JPY1,125.7 billion the company plays a central role in the growth of the Panasonic Group’s B2B solutions business and provides new value to its customers by combining advanced hardware, intelligent software solutions, and a wealth of knowledge in industrial engineering accumulated in its over 100-year history. The company’s purpose is to “Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow.” By driving innovation in the supply chain, public services, infrastructure, and entertainment sectors, Panasonic Connect aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and to ensure well-being for all.

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