May 31, 2023

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Panasonic Connect Wins Five iF Design Awards 2023

Tokyo, JapanPanasonic Connect Co., Ltd. today announced that it has won five awards at the “iF Design Award 2023” organized by International Forum Design (Hannover, Germany), including for its facial recognition admission and payment service.

The iF Design Award is one of the most prestigious international design awards established in 1953. This year, 133 experts from all over the world rigorously judged the approximately 11,000 entries received from 56 countries.

Facial Recognition Admission and Payment Service for Tokyo Dome Giants Games

Photo: Facial recognition admission and payment service at Tokyo Dome Yomiuri Giants games

An admission and payment service using facial recognition technology has been introduced at Yomiuri Giants games held at the Tokyo Dome. This technology eliminates the need for admission tickets, credit cards, and long lines, allowing for stress-free entry to the event and hands-free shopping. It also streamlines the work of on-site staff involved in admission and payment. The digital transformation through the introduction of cashless payment and facial recognition technology is transforming the entertainment market by improving the efficiency of stadium operations, leading to a new spectator experience for spectators.

Blue Direct Diode Laser

Photo: Blue direct diode laser

Blue laser oscillator for high-precision welding and cutting of copper, which is difficult to process. This high-definition laser is 8 times more precise than other companies’ lasers and contributes to higher efficiency, smaller size, and lighter weight of devices for the production of EVs, which require advanced energy-saving performance. Blue lasers based on our proprietary wavelength synthesis technology lose less energy due to surface reflection than near-infrared lasers, resulting in a 30% reduction in power consumption and lower CO2 emissions. The design symbolizes Panasonic’s commitment to the environment, which inspired the development of this technology.

360 Degree Camera Speakerphone “PressIT360”

Photo: 360 degree camera speakerphone “PressIT360”

A high-performance 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker integrated web conferencing terminal that solves the problems of hybrid conferences connecting remote and office work. When remote participants join a meeting, it is difficult for them to see what is going on in the office, making it difficult for them to participate in the conversation, hear what is being said, and stimulate discussion. Other issues that have become apparent include the time required to prepare for unfamiliar IT tools such as the connection of cameras, microphones, and speakers, which reduces operational efficiency. With this product, hybrid conferences can be easily started by simply connecting cables, and remote participants can enjoy a realistic conference experience.

Full Digital Welding Machines

Photo: Full digital welding machines

The flagship model of the full-digital CO2/MAG/MIG/welding machines with pulse functionality, the 100 kHz inverter reduces weld spatter by up to 78%, further improving welding performance. The welding concierge function provides easy-to-understand support for welding parameter adjustments that require experience and expertise, and provides easy access to necessary information. In addition, the 7-inch LCD screen and “Weld Navigation,” which simplifies welding condition setting, provide smooth and easy operation. In addition, a newly developed digital remote controller enables remote operation at your fingertips, and the new wire feeder has improved ease of use with a lightweight design and a large handle for easy carrying.

In-Flight Entertainment System Astrova

Photo: In-flight entertainment system Astrova

Astrova is a next generation in-flight entertainment (IFE) seat-end solution, offering cutting-edge consumer electronics and avionics technology to redefine the passenger entertainment experience. By delivering best-in-class hardware combined with connectivity and enterprise software solutions, the avionics division is helping airlines achieve many benefits such as increased loyalty, improved NPS scores, personalization, e-commerce & retail therapy, 4K moving map platforms, and more. It’s also designed to evolve with technological innovations on the ground, allowing you to enjoy HDR10+ content on the best-in-class OLED display. Airlines can change or modify technology for passengers with easy and fast upgrades and replacements performed on the wing.


The iF Design Award was established in 1953 to promote industrial design. Organized by International Forum Design, based in Hannover, Germany, it has been one of the most prestigious international design awards for 68 years, and the iF logo is widely recognized as a sign of design excellence. Each year, top-class designers and corporate design managers judge and select the best designs.

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