Mar 05, 2021

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Healthy Both Mentally and Physically - Living a Fulfilling 100-Year Life

Healthy Both Mentally and Physically - Living a Fulfilling 100-Year Life

COVID-19 has transformed our lives dramatically, and many people have begun to reexamine their lifestyles, their way of life. There is much talk about the 100-year life, and it is becoming increasingly important to think about how we can lead a mentally and physically healthy life after retirement. To meet the changing needs of changing times, Panasonic is proposing ways to combine key aspects such as "cleanliness" and universal design to promote healthy, independent living as long as possible.

Since its foundation, for over a century Panasonic has continued to meet the needs of the changing lifestyles, changing times. To address Japan's social challenges such as an aging society and increasing demand for nursing care, Panasonic launched the Age-Free business through which it is proposing nursing care services, welfare products, equipment, etc. and has already 25 years of experience under its belt. Moreover, to realize a sustainable lifestyle for the future, Panasonic has been helping to build smart cities across the world and has introduced advanced, universally designed lifestyle solutions.
In the showrooms in Japan, Panasonic is showcasing solutions that meet a diverse range of changing lifestyle needs in different living spaces as well as personalized solutions and services.

Please take a look at the lifestyle Panasonic proposes that satisfies the needs of today.

Staying connected to society in a relaxing way

To live a mentally and physically healthy life as long as possible, it is important to continue to do what you love, whether it be a hobby or work, and to stay connected to society in a balanced way. Having a space to work at home or an atelier and remaining active until the end of your days will be key to enjoying a vibrant life.
It is also important to keep in touch with the younger generation including your family and children of the community and to adopt new home appliances and IoT devices in order to keep pace with the times. If you have a question, ask away. Remaining flexible and having fun will help you stay healthy.

Photo: Space to work at home

Learning about what an enriched lifestyle truly means and staying true to yourself

We should reexamine how we want to use resources, energy, and things while bearing the Sustainable Development Goals in mind. And what kind of environment do we want and need to be comfortable?

What is it that we truly need?

"Minimal Zen" is an interior style which has been influenced by traditional Japanese design and Zen philosophy. It places importance on not reducing things simply by throwing them away, but focusing on the things that we need, to simplify and accentuate by asking ourselves, "What is it that we really need?" The age of plenty has come and gone. Now it is time to reexamine our relationship with things, what "enriched" means to us, and design a sustainable lifestyle. Perhaps this is the kind of thinking that is required today.

Utilizing greenery and lighting effectively

Over the past year we have been spending more time at home. And one of the things that can provide mental, emotional support in times like these is greenery. With a spatial planning that incorporates biophilic design, we should surround ourselves with more greenery that can help us feel relaxed and connected to nature. Moreover, a good balance between natural and artificial light will ensure good sleep quality.

Photo: Terrace that utilizes greenery and lighting effectively

A lifestyle that promotes cleanliness

Anti-infective measures and promoting cleanliness will be key to our lifestyles going forward. We can start by thinking about how we access our home so that we can leave any viruses outside, adopting contactless devices so that family members no longer have to touch the same devices, or improving air quality.

New cleanliness measures for home entrances

Adopting protection measures in the home entrance is key to leaving viruses outside. Having another sink by the entrance will enable us to wash our hands right when we get home before we go into living spaces. A contactless tap that we can control by placing our hand over it will provide greater reassurance.

In addition, if there was a coat closet in the entrance area, we can leave viruses and pollen at the entrance without bringing them indoors. nanoe™ equipped shoe deodorizer and deodorizing hangers can also help keep things clean. The nanoe™ generator installed in the ceiling will also help thoroughly inhibit viruses and pollen on coats and shoes.

Photo: nanoe(TM) equipped deodorizing hanger and shoe deodorizer

Accepting packages from a distance

People all around the world have had to spend more time at home. As such, they have been shopping more online. Placing a delivery locker in front of your home will enable you to accept packages from a distance.

Photo: Delivery locker placed in front of a house

Adopting contactless devices

It is also important to have fewer devices that family members have to come in contact with. Contactless taps for kitchen sinks and automatic toilets that can automatically close and open seats and lids and flush will provide reassurance.

Improving air quality

Family members are spending more time together in confined spaces as parents have had to work from home and children study online. So, it has become increasingly important to ventilate and improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Ventilating 24-7 can help keep air indoors fresh and create a comfortable environment. Panasonic's sodium hypochlorite air disinfector and deodorizer, "Ziaino," suppresses bacterial and viral activity, reduces odors, and further improves air quality.

Universal design for the future

Why not reexamine living spaces? Change the layout so that it is easier for you to get around, implement measures to get rid of the temperature difference between rooms, so that you can live more comfortably and be healthy for a long time to come.

Most efficient way to get around the home

Design the layout so that toilets, sinks, and bathrooms are located as close as possible to the bedrooms. Implementing sliding doors will make getting around easier and help create open spaces.

Keeping bathrooms nice and warm

Often times bathrooms tend to be colder than the rest of the house, but a sudden change in temperature can bring on heat shock, which can trigger heart attacks and brain strokes among the elderly. Installing a heater/clothes dryer in the bathroom can help make bath time safer.
Handrails in the bathroom can also help prevent people from falling. There are also bathtubs that are easier to step into, and flooring materials that are slip-resistant.

Our lifestyles have changed, and many people have started to think more about their homes and the health of their family members. Panasonic will continue to explore and propose new lifestyles, so that everyone can live comfortably for a long time to come.

"A home that encourages a long, healthy life" opened in Panasonic Center Osaka on February 26, 2021

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live a long, healthy life? In one corner on the first floor of the corporate showroom, Panasonic Center Osaka, you will find Panasonic's solutions that will help you do just that. You can experience these solutions here in the showroom.

Photo: Living space exhibition that introduces solutions for realizing

In addition to "A home that encourages a long, healthy life," you will also find other living spaces in the Panasonic Center Osaka where seminars are being organized about how you could create spaces that are optimal for various hobbies and lifestyles. You can also speak to different concierges who are experts in renovations, real estate, finance, interior design, and support for elderly people.

The center has adopted a wide range of anti-infective measures such as hygiene control and social distance to ensure the safety of our guests.
*Please visit the Panasonic Center Osaka homepage to learn more about the COVID-19 anti-infective measures.

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