Jan 08, 2021

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Panasonic's Seekit Helps Indian Parents Breathe Easy on Children's Safety

Panasonic India has developed an IoT tracking product called Seekit, knowing that every parent wants to keep their child near to them. Seekit is helping give parents peace of mind on the whereabouts of their children.

The biggest concern of parents in India is their children getting lost when they go outside into public spaces and away from the safe zones of home.

Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -
Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -

Seekit is an IoT product that helps protect children in the public environment. It lets parents know if their child is within the safe distance of a 30-meter radius; if they go beyond that, Crowd GPS and crowd tracking functionality is engaged. The smartphone app provides accurate location information on the child, helping parents track them better.

Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -

Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -
Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -

A dedicated team of 30-plus professionals spread across India spent one year developing the product and smartphone app, which are easy and convenient for the consumer to use and offer the best fit for use in routine life.

Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -
Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -

With the Seekit, Panasonic is delighted to have created a user-friendly product they know will give Indian parents peace of mind about their children's safety.

Peace of mind for all parents - Seekit -

Panasonic to exhibit at CES 2021 and organize a unique event in Japan

Panasonic Corporation will showcase its latest technologies at CES 2021, which will be held online on January 11-14, 2021. During the event, Panasonic will also organize a unique online event in Japan, "CES 2021 Panasonic in Tokyo."

  • CES 2021

    Period: January 11-14, 2021 *US East Coast time.
    Venue: Online

  • CES 2021 Panasonic in Tokyo

    Panasonic will introduce a wide range of technologies and initiatives including Seekit that are seeds of new business ideas.

    Period: January 12-15, 2021 *Japan Standard Time. The content will be archived until March 31, 2021.
    Venue: Online

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