Dec 16, 2020

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Tunnel Ventilation Solutions Ensure Clean Air and Peace of Mind in Japan's Tunnels

Tunnel ventilation systems are essential to the infrastructure of tunnels, which serve to connect people around Japan. Panasonic's solution is driven by a complex network of jet fans, electrostatic precipitators that clean the air, large exhaust fans, ventilation towers and silencers. Together these components ventilate vehicle emissions, limit noise, and ensure a safe exit in case of fire.

When driving through tunnels, you've probably seen what looks like a jet engine hanging from the ceiling. These are in fact jet fans, which help direct air flow to an extensive exhaust network. Sensors monitor conditions in tunnels and help save energy while cleaning the air for release. Silencers are used because the exhaust fans are incredibly loud.

Panasonic's Tunnel Ventilation Solutions
Panasonic's Tunnel Ventilation Solutions
Panasonic's Tunnel Ventilation Solutions

Safety is paramount as the large jet fans are installed in the tunnel ceilings above cars, thus Panasonic is vigilant in the manufacturing and installation process to ensure no errors.

Panasonic's Tunnel Ventilation Solutions
Panasonic's Tunnel Ventilation Solutions

The ability to offer a one-stop solution is one of Panasonic's strengths. As an industry that began in 1964, Panasonic has years of experience, and its people feel an obligation to protect it and responsibility to evolve it.

Panasonic's Tunnel Ventilation Solutions

Infrastructure advances such as Panasonic's comprehensive tunnel ventilation solutions are a major contribution to society. They provide clean air to the community and a safe driving environment, helping drivers feel confident as they cruise through Japan's tunnels.

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