Nov 25, 2020

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A Society that Creates More Energy than It Uses

"Hydrogen" is drawing attention as a next generation energy source. It produces clean, sustainable energy. By chemically reacting with oxygen, hydrogen creates electricity and the only byproduct from this process is water. Panasonic has been researching hydrogen energy technologies for over 20 years, and it is now developing highly efficient, low cost pure hydrogen fuel cell generators.

Environmental and energy issues are now of worldwide concern. There are global initiatives underway such as the Paris Agreement that encourages countries to work together to tackle global warming and the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" established by the United Nations. The UN Climate Action Summit 2019 held in September the same year urged companies to take more aggressive action as well. Japan is aspiring to become "carbon neutral" with virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Since its establishment, Panasonic has remained devoted to the "progress and development of society and well-being of people through our business activities" and has believed that the company is "a public entity of society." It has been committed to the realization of a sustainable, safe and reassuring society by addressing issues such as climate change and the efficient use and recycling of resources.

In 2017 Panasonic drew up the "Panasonic Environment Vision 2050" in which it pledged to reduce the energy consumed at its manufacturing sites and while its products are in use and to create more clean energy than it uses. It has developed technologies to improve the energy efficiency of its products and innovative processes to reduce the energy used during manufacturing. At the same time, Panasonic has made efforts to create more energy by expanding the scope of its energy creation, energy storage businesses and to contribute to the realization of a hydrogen energy society. Through these activities, Panasonic aims to create more energy than it uses by 2050.

Development of pure hydrogen fuel cell generators

In 2009, Panasonic introduced to the market household fuel cell cogeneration system, "ENE-FARM" that extracts hydrogen from city gas to create electricity and hot water. Panasonic has announced its commitment not only in Japan, but also in Europe which leads the way in realizing a decarbonized society (a society with virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions) and has already shipped over 190,000 units to the market.
Based on the technologies developed for "ENE-FARM" that creates clean energy, Panasonic is currently developing new generation solar power generators and pure hydrogen fuel cell generators which generates electricity from hydrogen.

Hydrogen is clean, efficient, and carbon free (emits zero CO2 when creating energy) so its environmental impact is extremely low. It can provide a stable supply of energy even in case of emergencies and compared to electricity, it can be more readily stored over long periods of time and transported. Panasonic will continue to test its system in the field to ensure that hydrogen energy may be efficiently and stably "used", "created", and "stored" with an aim to introduce its pure hydrogen fuel cell generators to the market in 2021.

Panasonic's "pure hydrogen fuel cell generators" scheduled to go to market in 2021, 2022.

In addition to household systems, Panasonic is also developing pure hydrogen fuel cell generators for offices and stores. This modular system offers excellent flexibility in terms of installation scale and location and can be used for applications big or small.

In November, Panasonic established the hydrogen station "H2 Kusatsu Farm" within the Appliances Company's Kusatsu complexes located in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture. To ensure that the logistical carbon footprint within the premises is zero, Panasonic is operating and testing the feasibility of its fuel cell forklifts that run on hydrogen supplied by the hydrogen station. Moreover, "HARUMI FLAG" to be built where the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village is located will feature pure hydrogen fuel cell generators which will be supplied by underground hydrogen pipes. The power from these generators will be used for public facilities such as streetlights and air conditioning units.

Using clean energy in many aspects of people's lives

Panasonic is also committed to realizing environmentally-friendly, smart transportation. Panasonic has developed energy storage battery systems for electric cars and other eco-conscious vehicles to facilitate the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy. Furthermore, to help realize a safe mobility society, Panasonic is accelerating the development of technologies that support autonomous driving as well as next generation logistic/transportation solutions that utilize IoT.

Panasonic will create electricity and hydrogen from clean energy such as new generation solar power generators. And store and transport the energy created, help equip buildings with energy-saving devices and superior thermal insulation, and manage the energy appropriately so that the clean energy may be used as efficiently as possible. Panasonic will continue to develop eco technologies that create, store, save, and manage energy and apply these technologies to homes, offices, schools, places to play, relax, and rest to create "A Better Life" and a better society. Please look forward to more from Panasonic.

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