Oct 23, 2020

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Designing a Leading City Where People Can Live Long, Healthy Lives

People are becoming more and more health conscious as average life expectancy around the world continues to increase. More importance is being placed on "how to stay healthy and live an enriched lifestyle."

Since its foundation, for over a century, Panasonic has continued to put customers at the heart of all its activities to help bring to life a healthy lifestyle optimal for each and everyone.

In Japan, Panasonic launched its age-free business in the 1990s, long before the Long-Term Care Insurance System was enacted in 2000, to provide appealing, exceptional products and services to the elderly and their families.
More specifically, Panasonic has developed and provided healthcare appliances such as fitness equipment, body composition analyzer, blood pressure gauges, and nursing care products and equipment for families and facilities, and solutions for business operators.
Furthermore, in order to address the social challenges Japan faces as its population ages, Panasonic has helped develop its first advanced, sustainability smart town in the Kansai area, the "Suita SST." This multigenerational smart town, set to launch in 2022 spring, will be brought to life by cross industry cooperation and will encourage its residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Drawing on the know-how it has acquired, Panasonic is also undertaking various initiatives around the world to help people stay healthy as long as possible.

Wellness Smart Town for the elderly in China

China's population is aging rapidly. In cooperation with its partner, Yada International Holdings Ltd., Panasonic is building a Wellness Smart Town for the elderly scheduled to launch in 2021 fall. 1,150 homes will be fully equipped with Panasonic solutions, which can be controlled using smartphones, a device that has become deeply embedded in Chinese society, to create a healthy, comfortable environment.

Key Panasonic products being proposed to the wellness smart town in China

Integrated spatial solutions include bathrooms that echoes customers' health data and smart bedrooms that promote comfortable sleep.

From "nursing care" to "nursing care prevention"

It is said that "walking" is the first step to care prevention. Panasonic designed an AI-driven "walk training robo" for the elderly, who may feel anxious about walking, to help them walk safely and correctly, thereby helping them stay independent and motivating them every time they use it.
The walk training robos have already been adopted by numerous elderly care facilities in Japan, but Panasonic is currently exploring the possibility to introduce them to facilities in China.

Helping elderly stay independent by "reducing anxiety about walking" and helping them experience the "joy of walking."

Panasonic will aspire to become a partner that will help customers stay healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.

The third China International Import Expo (CIIE 2020)

Period: November 5-10, 2020
Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Based on the theme - "Placing customers at the heart to provide joy to both mind and body" - Panasonic is introducing health and welfare products and solutions reflecting health values unique to Panasonic that will help China realize its vision, "Healthy China 2030." Panasonic will also showcase its cutting-edge technologies that will contribute to businesses.

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