Mar 19, 2020

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RAMSA Stadium Audio System, Large Screen Display System, and Camera System Installed at the Ariake Tennis Park

Panasonic Corporation has delivered its RAMSA Stadium Audio System, Large Screen Display System, and Camera System to the Ariake Coliseum and the adjacent outdoor tennis "Show Court" within the Ariake Tennis Park premises. These systems enhance the clarity of the announcements and help amplify the excitement for the crowds with live images.

Background: Complete upgrade of the audio visual system in the 10,000 capacity all-weather stadium

Known as the "Mecca of Japanese tennis" the Ariake Coliseum has organized countless international competitions and tennis tournaments since being constructed in 1987. It recently welcomed a new addition, the "Show Court" built adjacent to the Coliseum, and has been reborn as a facility that will serve as the springboard for tennis in Japan to make further progress by leaps and bounds.

Renovations to the Ariake Coliseum finished in August 2019. The audio system in the Ariake Coliseum equipped with a retractable roof used to be a center cluster comprised of multi point source speakers hanging from the middle of the ceiling. But the stadium is now furnished with RAMSA line-array speakers. Thirty-six WS-LA500AWP speakers - 8 speakers per column x 2, 4 speakers per column x 5 - have been attached to the existent structure. The venue is also equipped with new video equipment. Two Large Screen Display Systems have been installed as well as HD Integrated PTZ Cameras and Shoulder Camcorders for shooting. Moreover, the Show Court, the newly constructed outdoor tennis stadium with a capacity of approximately 3,000, is also equipped with a Large Screen Display System and PTZ Cameras. Drawing fully on its expertise, Panasonic provided a one stop solution to the renovations.

Line array speakers installed on the retractable roof of the Ariake Coliseum. These speakers can be installed very easily, simply by using quick release pins and the rigging plate, so each cabinet was hung before the array speakers were combined.

Why the system was chosen: Excellent audio quality perfect for amplifying announcements

Ascent Co., Ltd. was in charge of system selection, design, and construction and Naniwa Chiba Acoustics Inc. handled the planning, basic simulation, and the adjustment of the speaker placement and direction on site. Professionals from different fields joined forces and spent approximately 2 years working on this project. Ascent described the equipment selection process as follows: "Having listened to the sound quality, we thought that the RAMSA amplified announcements with superior clarity. Panasonic also had other technologies including the Large Screen Display System and Camera Systems, so a crucial decision making factor was the ability to consult and procure both audio and visual equipment from a single source." Furthermore, according to Naniwa Chiba Acoustics, "The mid and high ranges are clear and the sound projects forward. We thought RAMSA's sound quality was quite good."

Line arrays speakers, WS-LA500AWP, were arranged in the following sequence - 8 speakers per column x 2, 4 speakers per column x 5. And 2 subwoofers, WS-LA550AWP, were also installed, one you can see pictured here in the center.

Performance after installation: Fully delivered on expectations

Naniwa Chiba Acoustics states that when designing an acoustic environment for the stadium, it is important that announcements can be heard clearly. "For example, if you want to reduce the volume of a 500Hz frequency by 3dB, even if you make the necessary adjustments, the actual volume may only come down by 1dB. We have encountered this situation many times on site. In other words, you have to make greater adjustments to the numerical settings to get the desired results. In this respect, the RAMSA speaker, WS-LA500AWP, responds very well. If you adjust the volume by 3dB, the volume actually comes down by 3dB, so it allows us to make exacting adjustments."

When the roof is open. Regardless of whether the roof is open or closed, preset parameters help create the optimal sound pressure. Competition organizers have praised the system's ability to maintain the audio quality even when the roof has to be closed due to sudden rain.

The video control room at the Ariake Coliseum. On the right you can see 2 controllers for the PTZ Cameras and a live switcher in the center.

The live switcher, AV-HS450N, for switching content to be displayed on the Large Screen Display Systems.

Adjusting the audio system using the simulation software, "PASD"

When the speakers were installed, the simulation software "PASD" was used to fine tune the acoustics to create a baseline closely resembling the original sound. Naniwa Chiba Acoustics praised the PASD for being a "very well thought through simulator." When asked about the simulator's performance, Ascent replied, "First, we inputted the shape of the space and examined the speaker composition and layout. We often have to make adjustments and do simulations on different software, but with the PASD, after the necessary information was inputted, parameters for making adjustments popped up and adjustments we made were directly communicated to the amp. What's more, we could listen to the sound and use microphones to take measurements, so it was all very smooth."

Remote Camera Controller, AW-RP50, for the PTZ Camera.

The AJ-PX5100GJ can transmit video via SDI from the courtside camera terminal board.

Sixteen digital power amps, WP-DM912/DM948, installed near the center cluster.

The view of the Show Court. The Large Screen Display System you see on the left will show live footage from the PTZ Camera.

The Show Court is equipped with a 6mm pitch Large Screen Display System and the Ariake Coliseum with 2 8mm pitch Large Screen Display Systems.

Two PTZ Cameras, AW-HE70*, have been installed in housings at the Show Court. *Japan limited model.

The video control room of the Show Court. On the right you can see 2 Remote Camera Controllers, AW-RP50, for controlling PTZ Cameras.

Equipment installed

  • 36 RAMSA Line Array Speakers, WS-LA500AWP
  • 2 Subwoofers, WS-LA550AWP for the RAMSA Line Array Speakers
  • 16 RAMSA Digital Power Amp, WP-DM912/DM948
  • 4 HD Integrated Cameras, AW-HE70 series (Japan limited model)
  • 4 Remote Camera Controllers, AW-RP50
  • 1 Multi-format Live Switcher, AV-HS450N
  • 1 Memory Card Camera Recorder, AJ-PX5100GJ
  • 3 Large Screen Display Systems

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