Sep 06, 2019

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August 2019 TOP 5 Engagement

Our August highlights are reflective of our innovative technologies that are creating social values in education, mobility, provision of clean water, etc.

No. 1 - Tanzania and Thailand Won the Grand Prixs in Panasonic KWN Global Contest 2019 - Posted on August 7, 2019


Congratulations Tanzania and Thailand! The Kid Witness News Global Contest 2019 was held to support children's education through video production, & youth teams from the two countries took home the Grand Prix.

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Best Viewpoint Award: I'm Okay (U.S.A)
Best Entertainment Award: Treasure (Malaysia)

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No. 2 - Utah Department of Transportation Announces Partnership with Panasonic to Build "Smart Roadways" Data Network - Posted on August 1, 2019


We're working with Utah Department Of Transportation to develop America's most advanced transportation data network! See how smart roadways help move people in Utah better, faster and more effectively.

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No. 3 - As a Measure Against Heat, the "Green Aircon Flex" Will Be Installed at Venues Where 4 Sporting Competitions Will Be Organized This Summer - Posted on August 19, 2019


Don't let the unrelenting summer heat stop you from watching your favorite athletes at sporting stadiums! Our Green Aircon Flex has been installed to mitigate heat.

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No. 4 - ATOUN Systematizes the Point-of-Care Usage of Wearable Robots Through a Year of Studies - Posted on August 5, 2019


A Panasonic family company ATOUN will provide its wearable robots for point-of-care usage after a year-long study on their utility in nursing-care facilities.

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No. 5 - Panasonic's Cumulative Water Pump Production in Indonesia Tops 30 Million Units - Posted on August 8, 2019


We've manufactured 30 million water pumps in Indonesia since 1988! Discover the history behind this milestone and how we're contributing to improving living standards through the water supply business

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