Aug 08, 2019

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JULY 2019 TOP 5 Engagement

Our July highlights underscore Panasonic's commitment to create a better life for people around the world through innovative technologies that are seen in various scenes.

No. 1 - Tokyo2020 #1YearToGo! Ceremony SNS video post with Honami Tsuboi - Posted on July 24, 2019

Source: Panasonic's Real-time Tracking and Projection Mapping Compatible Projector Impresses Audience at Tokyo 2020's "One Year to Go" Ceremony

We were pleased to share the passion of Tokyo2020 with our real-time tracking and projection mapping-compatible projectors at the "1 Year To Go" ceremony held in the 2020 host city.

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No. 2 - Visual Sort Assist (VSA) - Posted on July 19, 2019

Source: Visual Sort Assist (VSA)

Simple yet effective, our Visual Sort Assist can dramatically transform the process of manual parcel sorting by combining object recognition and projection mapping technology.

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No. 3 - Panasonic Smart LED Lighting Solutions in Indonesia - Posted on July 17, 2019

Source: Panasonic's LED Lighting Solutions

Jakarta's streets are now illuminated by our smart LED lighting solutions, and it reduced energy consumption by over 68%!

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No. 4 - Future Life Factory - Posted on July 4, 2019

Source: FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic Design_Showreel 2019

What will living well mean in the future? Our FUTURE LIFE FACTORY takes a creative approach based on human values and social issues, applying insights to mold tomorrow's world.

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No. 5 - Autonomous Mobility Robot for More Secure and Comfortable Life - Posted on July 12, 2019

Source: Autonomous Mobility Robot for More Secure and Comfortable Life

Since 2013, our autonomous delivery robot HOSPI has been providing medical support in hospitals. Its various sensors and network-based operations help it navigate past obstacles and even ride elevators.

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