Jul 27, 2018

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Panasonic Brazil Delivers a Project from Installation to Maintenance to a Resort

Panasonic do Brasil delivered to Olímpia Park Resort, located in the state of Sao Paulo, a turn-key solution project which is the largest case in number of solutions.

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Panasonic is responsible not only for the product selling, but also for the installation and maintenance of the equipment. According to Mr. Alessandro Batista, B2B Business and Marketing Manager of Panasonic do Brasil, "We started with the apartments, where we implemented TV, air conditioning, microwave oven and phone system. We ended up expanding to PBX and security camera network. We also implemented Digital Signage with video wall and interconnected TV sets with content in the sales office and implemented projection rooms, where movie theaters will be located."

All the solutions were delivered ready to use, reducing the resort's operational efforts, saving time and money, while ensuring quality due to Panasonic's reliability. Mr. Ricardo Takeuti, Project Implementation Manager of Enjoy Hotéis & Resorts stated: "When you find a company that offers a turn-key solution - a single supplier that provides the equipment, assembly, installation and even gets the remote control working in the room - that is the ideal solution."

The project was a successful case, both for Panasonic and Enjoy Hotéis & Resorts, responsible for the management of Olímpia Park Resort. For Mr. Alexandre Zubaran, CEO of Enjoy Hotéis & Resorts, "That is my success case. When I talk to other manufacturers or potential partners, I mention the Panasonic case. This is a very favorable relationship to the enterprise."

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