Jul 06, 2017

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Panasonic Athletes Aspiring to Take Part in the Paralympic Games

At Panasonic, there are athletes who aspire to compete in the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. Sit-ski, badminton, para canoe, guide runner for visually impaired female marathon runners. Please take a look at these athletes/employees' honest pursuit of their dreams.

Takayuki Mizushima, In Charge of Procurement, Panasonic Kibi Co., Ltd.

He began sit-skiing 9 years ago.
He describes his passion as follows:
"When I sit-ski, it's like I've grown wings that let me glide down the mountain freely, at speeds comparable to abled-bodied skiers. So it really sets me free. Whatever way, shape, or form, to be part of the Paralympic Games will give me great pride, and to be able to go there as an athlete will be the highest goal ever."

Etsuko Kobayashi, In Charge of Engineering Management, Panasonic Corporation

She plays wheelchair badminton.
"My friend used to play, and I decided to give it a try. There weren't many players, so I suddenly found myself playing in a match. I only won 1 point, and I felt so mortified that I decided to start playing competitively. Badminton wasn't a Paralympic sport, so I never thought that I would ever compete in the Paralympic Games, but now that it has joined the ranks, a dream that I had begun to give up on may come true. I hope to compete in the Paralympic Games and stand on the winners' podium."

Shunpei Yamada, In Charge of Procurement, Panasonic Kibi Co., Ltd.

He aspires to compete in the Paralympic Games, in para canoe.
"I only get 1 chance to win, to glide 200m across a tranquil river or lake. It's me against nature, so I can really feel that my skills are improving. Paralympic Games for us is equivalent to the Olympic Games, so I hope to harness my power and take part in Tokyo 2020."

Manabu Mizobuchi, In Charge of Intellectual Property Planning and Administration, Panasonic Corporation

He is a guide runner for visually impaired female marathon runners.
"I'm a guide runner for visually impaired female marathon runners. I used to run for myself because I enjoyed it, but then I learned that I can be of use by running for other people, so that's why I became a guide runner. Of course, when I'm running by myself, if something happens, it's my responsibility, so I can accept it, but as a guide runner, if the runner couldn't give it her all because of me, that's just not acceptable, so I concentrate even harder when I'm running as a guide runner. I really hope that she will be able to run the best race ever. I will do everything I can to make this possible."

Panasonic will continue to support the Paralympic Games with its cutting-edge AV equipment solutions, welfare products, and more, and contribute to peace and development of the international society and the promotion and popularization of para sports.

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