Dec 05, 2016

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Panasonic's Innovative Solutions Crosses the Sea to Russia

Panasonic began its activities in Russia, the largest country in the world (total land area: 17,075,200 square kilometers), and the CIS countries in 1996. But Panasonic`s products became very popular among Russian people long before that - in Soviet Union`s time they were brought into the country by distributors and local partners.
In the 21st century Panasonic has continued to evolve while meeting the exacting needs of clients, expanding beyond the realm of BtoC from home appliances and AV equipment to propose innovative solutions for the Olympic Games and for businesses. This video introduces the latest activities of Panasonic in Russia as well as Panasonic`s brand ambassador, charismatic chef, Alex Seleznev's first trip to Japan.

Since being established many years ago, Panasonic Russia considered consumer electronics and the AV equipment business, which encompasses TVs, audio equipment, and digital cameras, in particular, as its main pillar of business. In order to create products that meet the exact needs of clients in this country, Panasonic thoroughly studied the market through market research. In addition to consumer electronics, Panasonic has, in recent years, also proposed a wide range of new products for cooking and also beauty and health. These products have received great reviews from customers to whom family health is a key.

Contributing to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

As The Olympic Partner (TOP) of the audiovisual equipment category, Panasonic has been supporting the Olympic Games for over 25 years. Panasonic also contributed to the XXII Olympic Winter Games held in February 2014 at Sochi, Russia (hereafter referred to as Sochi 2014) by providing a multitude of AV equipment including LED Large Screen Display Systems, audio systems, broadcasting equipment, projectors, displays, and HD video conferencing units to the competition venues and other Games facilities. In particular, Panasonic provided 10,000 security cameras, the largest quantity ever provided to the Olympic Winter and Summer Games, and the largest total surface area (1,727 square meters) of LED Large Screen Display Systems ever supplied to the Olympic Winter Games. Panasonic also became the Official Supplier of Sochi 2014 in the Home Appliances category providing approximately 5,000 household appliances including thermo pots, coffee-machines, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. It was the first time in 15 years, since Nagano 1998, that Panasonic had supplied home appliances to the Olympic Games and this helped reaffirm the strength of the relationship between the people in Russia and Panasonic products.

Providing solutions for cultural, educational facilities

In 2014, Panasonic also delivered LED lighting, displays, photo and video cameras, etc. to The State Hermitage Museum and projectors - to the Museum complex, The Universe of Water in St. Petersburg, a World Heritage site and Russia's most famous city of art. The Hermitage praised Panasonic's LED Clear Light Bulbs for their "beautiful presence" while video surveillance systems and displays presented to the The Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve also received glowing reviews.

In 2015, Panasonic introduced "freeze-ray", a data archive system that uses optical discs developed for the data center industry. And the following year, in 2016, Panasonic delivered this system to the "Garage" Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow to create the Archive of Russian contemporary art.

Panasonic also covers a wide range of BtoB fields with, for example, its advanced business solutions using Panasonic's proprietary LinkRay (Light ID) technology.

LinkRay delivery:
LinkRay solutions were tested and demonstrated at various events including Skolkovo Startup Village 2016, VKfest и GEEKfest festivals in St. Petersburg, as well as at InterMuseum-2016 professional museum conference and which took place in May, 2016 in Moscow. In June 2016 an Agreement about the first in the world implementation of LinkRay into museum infrastructure was signed with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

*Light ID refers to visible light communication technology, which transmits digital signals by high-speed flashing light sources.

According to Dmitry Romanov, General Manager of Corporate Communications Department, Panasonic Russia: "We collaborate deeply with cultural institutes like museums, also with key Russian universities providing them our cutting-edge technologies like LinkRay (Light ID) technology or data archiving system, also. Actually our main goal is to make the lives of our customers, compliant with our corporate slogan, 'A Better Life, A Better World'."

Panasonic Russia's Brand Ambassador, Charismatic Chef,
Alex Seleznev's First Trip to Japan

Chef Alex Seleznev has been Panasonic Russia's brand ambassador since 2010. He is a charismatic pastry chef, who appears on numerous popular TV shows in Russia. He has starred in Panasonic Russia's TV commercials for cooking appliances, developed many recipes using Panasonic's products, and participated in cooking events.

Panasonic Russia's Dimitry Romanov described Chef Alex: "Alex is a really creative person, and he masters our products easily. And moreover, he creates his own recipes, helping to promote our cooking appliances in the Russian market."

In order to broaden his horizons, Chef Alex traveled to Japan for the very first time in October 2016 and experienced cooking Japanese food and desserts at the TSUJI Culinary Institute in Osaka. A demonstration was also organized at the Panasonic Center Osaka where Chef Alex created traditional healthy Russian desserts using Panasonic's home bakery, slow juicer, and steam oven.


Chef Alex learned how to use a sashimi knife @ TSUJI Culinary Institute in Osaka.

After his Japanese culinary experience, Chef Alex said, "Although Japanese food is made from simple ingredients, I learned that the taste changes depending on how the ingredients are cut and how they are prepared. The Japanese confectionery was fantastic, too. It was really interesting to learn that the nerikiri dough is passed through a sieve over and over again. And then the dough is carefully and intricately shaped into leaves and flowers. The experiences from today will have an immense influence on my life as a chef. I think the recipes I create in the future may have a bit of Japanese color to them."


Demonstration @ Panasonic Center Osaka

  • 283px

    Voilà! The shokado bento box is done and ready @ TSUJI Culinary Institute in Osaka

  • 283px

    Chef Alex tried creating nerikiri. The teachers of the TSUJI Culinary Institute were surprised by his beautiful work.

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    (From left) Pudding with apples, Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Cranberry and Orange Sauce, and Pumpkin Cake demonstrated @ Panasonic Center Osaka

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