Nov 14, 2016

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Panasonic Avionics Solutions - The Industry Leader

Panasonic Avionics Corporation supports over 300 airlines worldwide, serves over 1.4 billion airline passengers each year, and has over 35 years of industry firsts. Panasonic Avionics builds and installs systems for airline passengers and cabin crews that provide entertainment, communications and maintenance services.

In-flight Entertainment

Over 5,000 Panasonic in-flight entertainment systems have been installed in airlines worldwide. "Our goal is to open up an infinite supply of content. We configure an awesome audio video experience for our passengers, involving a lot of different components. And when you can do that, then you build a very strong bond between the passengers and the airline that's providing them this great experience," said David Brunner, Vice President of Panasonic Avionics. Also, the newly developed business class seat, "Waterfront," is a collaboration with a manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products that shows what new things can be done when working together. Paul Margis, President of Panasonic Avionics, explains their mission as "delighting passengers and enhancing airline value by working very closely with the airlines."

Global Communication Services

Over 50% of airlines have chosen Panasonic for connectivity solutions. In-flight communication allows for working, enjoying live entertainment, and having everything in today's daily life in terms of connectivity on board an airplane. Also, the functioning of the systems can be monitored in real time. If there is a problem, mechanics can be on stand-by with the necessary components when the airplane lands, providing much more efficient, effective services.

Panasonic Technical Services

Every year, over 27,000 aircraft are serviced in 68 maintenance stations and 9 repair facilities. Panasonic Avionics created an operation called "Mission Control," which combines the network operations center, the maintenance operations center and product support engineers all in one location to conduct 24-hour monitoring. Paul Margis has a vision of what he calls a "Zero Touch" airline, where "the airline marketing from the ground, the airline maintenance, the engineering groups, and my teams of maintenance can be remotely monitoring airlines, potentially upgrading and improving them as they move around the world. So you only touch the airplane when there's really something physical to do to it."

Global 4-D Weather Service

Panasonic is the only private entity in the world that is operating a 4-dimensional global forecast system. The Panasonic-created 4-D weather model incorporates movements in time along with precise weather sensors to provide accurate weather forecasts. Communicating forecasts to the airline on the ground and the pilots in the cockpit enables them to make the best judgments about how to maneuver the aircraft, to minimize any type of turbulence in flight and to get to the destination safely.

For Panasonic Avionics, our brand slogan "A Better Life, A Better World" means changing the in-flight experience for passengers, and, in doing so, building a stronger relationship between the airline and their customers. "We're very focused on helping the airlines treat each passenger uniquely and individually. At Panasonic Avionics, we are uniquely in a position to help them do that," concluded Paul Margis and David Brunner.

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