Dec 02, 2016

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Panasonic Brings Digital Universe to Life at "FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science"

ArtScience Museum's permanent exhibition, "FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science," is a dynamic, flexible, media-driven show that continuously changes with visitor's participation. The Panasonic's projectors used in the exhibition have been instrumental in bringing the stunning works of teamLab to life. Find out more about what the key partners from ArtScience Museum and teamLab as well as museum visitors have to say about the exhibition in the video.

Officially launched in March 2016, FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science is ArtScience Museum's permanent landmark exhibition. Spanning 1,500 square meters, the permanent exhibition is co-curated with teamLab, a globally renowned Japanese ultra-technologies and multi-award winning art collective and will form a major part of ArtScience Museum's core offer. Featuring 16 digital installations, Future World takes visitors on a journey of discovery through four key narratives - Nature, Town, Park and Space. Panasonic projectors, namely 5 PT-DZ780, 37 PT-EZ580, and 4 TH-55LFV70 are providing experiences that adults and children alike can enjoy by projecting brilliant flowers onto the screen and recreating the world under the sea.

The Executive Director of ArtScience Museum, Ms. Honor Harger said: "ArtScience Museum in Singapore is the place where art, science, culture, and technology come together. "FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science" is the permanent exhibition of ArtScience Museum. What's really unique about Future World is that it's an immersive, interactive experience that brings art, science, culture, and technology together in a way that's engaging and playful for visitors of all ages. teamLab are masters of digital technology, and what we've created with teamLab is 4 inter connected environments, which, in their own way, show people about how the interaction that they have with nature is changing and evolving the world."

"Our artwork is different. It's interactive. And the artwork becomes more vibrant and beautiful with the participation from visitors" said Mr. Kento Takemura a teamLab catalyst.

"'Universe of Water Particles' is in the center of the exhibition. It is also located alongside a narrow walkway. We need to plan (the projector set-up) within the limited space to optimize room for visitors to view the full 7m high x 2.5m wide waterfall projection (without the passing traffic casting shadows on the artwork). The artwork features a running waterfall against a solid black background. That is why we had to select a projector (with a high contrast ratio) that is able to show a beautiful black image (absence of light is required to create black images, which is opposite of light emitting projectors). 'Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders' is created with projectors and monitors where the butterflies move freely and seamlessly between the projection and the monitors. This is to depict the borderless world. The artwork features the flowers and butterflies in a dark background. By using Panasonic projectors (with higher contrast ratio), we were able to enhance the picture quality to achieve the optimum effect of the blossoming flowers and colorful butterflies. (During installation) Panasonic system engineers were on-site to provide technical support. They completed the edge blending very, very quickly by using the camera software solution. It helped free up time for us to focus on the rest of the artwork and complete installation within the set-up time.

Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders + Ever Blossoming Life II - A Whole Year per Year, Dark + Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - A Whole Year per Year

The exhibition has also received great feedback from visitors. "I thought it's very smart how they actually engage people from different age groups. Like you can see so many people engaging with it. And whatever I've drawn was displayed on the screen. It was actually done very well." "I thought the waterfall is very pretty. And I wanted to go up and touch it. I actually thought it was real."

Ms. Harger also added, "We've also been enormously grateful to work with the team at Panasonic. The quality of the projection and the screens that you see inside FUTURE WORLD is thanks not only to the incredible technology that Panasonic have worked with us in providing, but also the fantastic technical expertise that we've received from Panasonic. It's really been extraordinary. It feels like a fantastic partnership."

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