Aug 09, 2016

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Panasonic Stadium Solutions - Suita City Football Stadium

The "Suita City Football Stadium" was newly established as the home stadium of the professional football team, Gamba Osaka. It is equipped with an extensive range of systems comprised of Panasonic's cutting-edge technology. This video introduces LED floodlights and the large-screen display systems that help create an even more comfortable, dynamic viewing experience for spectators, as well as an evacuation guidance system for emergencies and the Point Of Sale system for concession stands selling food, beverages, and merchandize.

LED floodlights

This stadium has adopted Panasonic's LED floodlights. "The LED floodlights meet J-League's requirement of 1,500 lux, which has been realized by 384 units of LED light.  They light the entire pitch evenly with 1,500 lux of light" says Ms. Tomomi Honma, the Head of Stadium Management of Gamba Osaka. "And as these lights can turn on instantly, they have really broadened possibilities for staging events. They have made our fans happy, too."

Large-screen LED display system

The stadium has also been installed with two 520-inch large screen displays, which shows match replays and the score. Moreover, there are ribbon-type displays behind both goals. These displays are not only used to show sponsor advertisement, when there is a goal, they also synchronize with the large-screen displays to show goal graphics and more.

Evacuation guidance system

"This facility welcomes 40,000 spectators, so of course safety is our number one concern. All of the electronic equipment and devices in the stadium are from Panasonic. Drawing on this advantage, in case of a fire, the large screen displays work synchronously with the fire alarm system and display evacuation instructions in both Japanese and English" added Ms. Honma.

Point Of Sale system

In the stadium there is a Mega Shop, a large shop selling various merchandize, and 22 concession stands, and the sales at all of these stores are administered using Panasonic's POS system. Every time a purchase is made, the data is sent to the server, enabling shop operators to keep track of what products are selling well and the level of inventory.

The Suita City Football Stadium is also equipped with a solar power generation system that creates 504kw of energy, a lighting control system, as well as a wide range of other Panasonic solutions.

According to Mr. Takashi Yamaguchi, the President of Gamba Osaka, "We believe that the wide breadth of Panasonic's stadium solutions will help us provide a wonderful experience to our spectators. And we hope that this will also contribute to the realization of 'A Better Life, A Better World' Panasonic aspires to."

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