Aug 04, 2016

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Rugged Toughpad Tablets Help Guide Parachutists to Safety

Panasonic's "TOUGHPAD" boasts a reliable, robust design optimal for factories, logistics centers, outdoors, and even in very harsh environments with vehicles, heavy machinery, etc. Since hitting the market in 2012, the "TOUGHPAD" has continued to evolve while meeting the diverse needs with PCs, tablets, and compact handhelds. This video introduces how the "TOUGHPAD" is playing a key role in the air, all around the world.

An essential terminal for parachutists performing difficult missions

The TOUGHPAD highly versatile in virtually any environment, indoors or outdoors, is well recognized for its adaptability whether on land on in the air. Airborne Systems, a world-renowned parachute manufacturer uses the handheld TOUGHPAD as a navigation terminal. According to the company's Chief Technology Officer, JC Berland, "The TOUGHPAD has been the best tablet that was on the market and that was readily available for us."

"From our perspective, it's really a tough pad. It's something that is... we operate in a very harsh environment... we go to high-altitudes, freezing cold, rain. When you land on some terrains at night, it's okay, you can drop it. I don't think we've ever broken one. It's rugged. It's small. The screen is really crisp, so even at night or even in bright sunshine, you can see all the indications. The communication with our system has been flawless so far. Having a product like the TOUGHPAD that is already MIL Certified, with the 810G certification was incredibly helpful because it was virtually a straight through integration with our system."

The excellent performance is also appreciated by helicopter pilots

Similarly, in Europe, many helicopter pilots are using the "TOUGHPAD" in the air. Jean Yves Pujol, who is responsible for the Transversal Program at Airbus Helicopters says, "This connected EFB solution is an integrated software solution that allows pilots to realize their mission very simply, and to stay connected in real-time with the information he needs to carry out their operations."

And according to Bertrand Tessier, who is responsible for Operational Marketing at the company, "All elements are on a single medium. The pilot won't have to run around to get his weather data, or to find the documents or information on the airspace or on the airports to which he will be operating to. He won't have to go extract flight data from textbooks to calculate its performance or its centring. He'll have everything on the same device. The level of reliability required of the tablet is absolutely equivalent to the cockpit instruments. That is why we chose the Panasonic tablet. Now we are reaching a level of technology that is actually the dream of all pilots - to have on one's knee, all the information about their mission with a tracking navigation - that's the absolute desire of all pilots. "

Proven performance on land as well. Watch the Ultimate Torture Test

We see a TOUGHPAD in a factory. Then it's placed on a tray, and put through the ultimate torture test. The series of test include shock, vibration, smoke, dust, water, and heat. Will the TOUGHPAD survive the test?

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