Apr 21, 2016

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Panasonic Creates Projection Magic at ArtScience Museum in Singapore

Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific ("PSSAP") delivered 42 projectors and 10 flat panels to Artscience Museum, the world's first museum based on the theme of "art and science," and one of Singapore's most iconic destinations, located on Marina Bay.

Panasonic's solutions were instrumental in launching two key projects presented by ArtScience Museum and teamLab, who is highly acclaimed internationally for their artworks using digital technology:

  • What a Loving & Beautiful World, digital art projection on ArtScience Museum's exterior, as part of the annual i Light Marina Bay Festival, organized by Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
  • FUTURE WORLD: WHERE ART MEETS SCIENCE, ArtScience Museum's new permanent exhibition

PSSAP will keep working on sales expansion of B2B solution businesses in cooperation with business divisions.

What a Loving, and Beautiful World - ArtScience Museum on TEAMLABNET Channel


Light art festival at Marina Bay, ArtScience Museum on the right

i Light Marina Bay 2016

Marking its 4th year, i Light Marina Bay (held from March 4 to 27) has been attracting attention from home and abroad as Asia's leading light art festival. The theme of 2016 was "In Praise of Shadows." Making full use of 17 Panasonic projectors (PT-DZ21K, luminance 20,000 lm), artistic projection mapping of teamLab's artwork "What a Loving and Beautiful World" on the huge lotus flower-shaped Artscience Museum exterior was achieved.


Hands-on projection mapping is offered, when each person chooses a particular character with their smartphone, a picture that represents the character will be projected to the building of Artscience Museum, making a magical performance of light that provides a sense of scale.(image)

Panasonic Group succeeded the world's first attempt to adjust projection mapping, which is projected more than 200 m away from the opposite side of the Singapore River, by using cameras. The achievement to complete the adjustment in just two days with Panasonic's solutions, which enable the adjustments of hue and brightness of multiple projectors by making excellent use of telephoto lens and cameras, has surprised members of teamLab and a rental company.

"I was blown away by projection mapping's vision of the world," "Sparkling world. Just like using magic," -- the competition of light emerging after the late sunset in Singapore has been fascinating visitors.


Projecting more than 200 m away from the opposite side of the Singapore River

Permanent Exhibition at ArtScience Museum - FUTURE WORLD: WHERE ART MEETS SCIENCE

ArtScience Museum unveiled its multisensory interactive permanent exhibition, FUTURE WORLD: WHERE ART MEETS SCIENCE on 12 March. Co-curated with Tokyo-based art collective, teamLab, the exhibition is Singapore's largest digital playground and features 15 digital installations that take visitors on a journey of discovery through four key narratives - Nature, Town, Park and Space.

Projectors, including PT-DZ780 x 5, PT-EZ580 x 37, and TH-55LFV70 x 4, are called into action, projecting vivid flowers or the world of the sea onto the screen. Performance of sound and light create the world both children and adults can enjoy.

  • Aquarium_ASM_resized.jpg

    ArtWork: "Sketch Aquarium" -- hand drawn pictures are projected (PT-EZ580 x 3) Photo credit: teamLab

  • 65c11983.jpg

    Artwork: "Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - A Whole Year per Year"

This subject is a promotional effort for museums in collaboration with teamLab. This included asking customers' opinion and highlighting the product appeal by a unique demonstration. After getting highly praised by not only the products but also its services, such as flexible business correspondence and technical support by SE.

Comment from the person in charge: Capturing a museum market by accelerating the collaboration with teamLab

A museum market is in a very important position in our entertainment business. Also, it is an essential market for the projector business. We have started introducing laser projectors, which do not require replacing lamps for 20,000 hours, so now is the crucial period.

We found out in the promotion process that teamLab belongs to PACE GALLERY, which is one of the three biggest galleries in the world, and that they are only artists who have been nominated in the Digital Art category, so inquiries about Digital Art around the world would go to teamLab. In addition, because 70% of teamLab's works use projectors, we determined that collaboration with team Lab would be very effective in capturing the museum market, and that we couldn't afford to miss out on this subject, therefore, we went ahead while involving business divisions and their members.

I was very pleased to see a lot of people enjoying i Light Marina Bay and FUTURE WORLD. I'd like to contribute further to the realization of "A Better Life, A Better World" through the visual systems business.


Hirotatsu Asai, Entertainment Solution Group, PSSAP

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