Nov 28, 2015

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Six Innovative Concepts Connecting Our Future Homes

In high-paced Asia, the daily lives of the working adult are becoming more and more hectic. Long work hours coupled with tedious commutes can be tiresome for the average white-collar worker. But imagine coming home only to find there is a slip for undelivered goods that you will need to pick up at the post office over the weekend. Or that you are home and hungry hoping to quickly whip a meal together, only to find that you have no idea what to cook with what you have in the fridge.


Tokyo, Japan - Rest assured. In Panasonic's interpretation of the future through its Wonder Life-BOX exhibition at Panasonic Center Tokyo, we see how technology can support the connection that we can share with our homes and the people in our lives, and most of all how it makes a busy working life just a little bit easier.

Deliveries that wait on you


Locker-style delivery boxes: Deliveries that wait on you

Panasonic's locker-style delivery boxes allow you to maximize your time as purchases can be delivered without the need for anyone to be home to accept them in real-time. With smart technology allowing for the delivery boxes to be set to appropriate temperatures, even chilled or frozen goods can be taken in at any time of the day when you are out at work.

With smart technology allowing for the delivery boxes to be set to appropriate temperatures, even chilled or frozen goods can be taken in at any time of the day when you are out at work.

A digital assistant to help in the kitchen


Locker-style delivery boxes: A digital assistant to help in the kitchen

Relieving the time and effort to work out what can be made out of the ingredients that are already in the refrigerator, Panasonic's digital 'Partner' assistant offer recommendations for what food to cook at night and will even ensure that the correct quantities are used, simply by taking the weight of the items placed on the futuristic kitchen counter.

And if you are too lazy to cook for the night, the Partner can provide dining recommendations based on your favourite cuisine or previously visited restaurants as well as suggest options to order takeaway.

Light ID technology


Light ID technology: Future shopping at town

Say no more to squinting at small signs or waiting in cue to make a purchase. Through Panasonic's light ID technology, simply point your smartphone's image sensor (camera) at a digital sign to obtain directions at the palm of your hands. Likewise, if there is a shopfront item that you are thinking of purchasing, you can simply and have the item delivered to your home. A great option for making a grocery trip in between the lunch break.

Building family bonds


The Partner, smart sensors, building family bonds

Through smart sensors the Partner can indicate the estimated time when family members are coming home from work or school as well as connect with them individually when they are home. And the Partner helps ensure the balance of family and alone time by providing interactive activities to engage the entire family in the living room during gatherings to setting individual spotlights for quiet reading[RM3]. In addition, the Partner can help propose favourite meals of each individual family member or even instructions on how to bake the surprise birthday cake, helping fully support and strengthen family bonding.

A better night's sleep


The Partner monitoring the sleeping conditions and bio metrics

In the bedroom, the Partner can help relieve the stresses of the day, helping family members get ready for the next day ahead. At night time, the Partner will help adjust room lighting to avoid over-stimulation and ensure each family members' body clocks are set for bed. Throughout the night, the sleeping conditions and bio metrics will be monitored and used to intelligently offer the best solution to wake you up for the next morning, whether it be through a soft background music of chirping birds or warm 'sunlight-like' lighting to start the day.

Digital mirrors

  • 07_LIFEBOX_2015.jpg

    Digital mirror: Virtual makeup and fitting

  • 08_LIFEBOX_2015.JPG

    Digital mirror: Smart healthcare navigation

Once rejuvenated from a good night's sleep, it is time to move out for another day of work. Individuals can save valuable time getting ready in front of the mirror by simply tapping options to see, in real-time, various make-up options for ladies or even facial hair variations for men. This interactive mirror is designed to not only suggest but also interpret moods and promote healthier living styles through room sensors monitoring health signals. And for the busy working females, if make-up suggestions weren't enough, picking out your next outfit may get much easier as Panasonic's digital mirror can also help suggest matching colours for outfits and accessories, allowing individuals to see in real-time how they look.

While this future lifestyle is only a concept, Panasonic is aspiring to integrate consumer electronics and connected services to make the home and town even more integrated and comfortable for individuals. If you are in Tokyo over the weekend, please visit Panasonic Center Tokyo for a guided tour of the Wonder Life-BOX solution.

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