Jun 24, 2015

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From Farm to Table: Panasonic offers Comprehensive Cold Chain Solutions

Panasonic released a video featuring comprehensive, eco-conscious cold chain solutions that covers from farm to table. This video highlights comprehensive cold chain solutions for food retail and transportation industries such as CO2 refrigerant system, real time monitoring and integrated solutions that include LED lighting, air conditioning and surveillance systems.


Electricity represents a large percentage of costs for supermarkets and convenience stores. Owners and managers are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and be more eco-friendly. Panasonic's open showcases have an air curtain created by cold air that flows from top to bottom, and Panasonic has doubled this air curtain, achieving even greater energy efficiency.

With systems employing CO2 refrigerants Panasonic has brought to life products that are extremely energy efficient, therefore have minimal impact on the environment.

Food Safety

Since food is indispensable to our lives, protecting the safety of food is equally crucial. Panasonic refrigerators and freezers maintain a stable temperature ensuring food safety using real-time monitoring.

Real-time monitoring

Panasonic keeps an eye on customers' equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It monitors the temperature of customers' refrigerators and freezers. Data from these appliances are sent to call centers, and their operational status is remotely monitored. By adjusting the load of each appliance, real-time monitoring can help customers' attain the optimal energy-saving performance.


Panasonic also offers solutions for transportation companies that refrigerate food during transportation with its "Cold Box."
Consumers are purchasing food online and having it delivered right to their door. Panasonic is exploring the potential for "Refrigerated Lockers" which can be operated by smartphones.

Integrated solutions

Panasonic's cold chain solutions include LED lighting, solar panels, air conditioning, and surveillance systems. LED lighting helps make food look even more attractive and tastier. It is also saves electricity. Panasonic's air conditioning system saves up to 30% in energy costs compared to previous systems. And Panasonic security cameras can track what kind of products customers like, how long they stayed in a particular section, whether they purchased the products, and how often a particular customer visits the store.

Panasonic's cold chain solutions help realize "A Better Life, A Better World," by enabling business owners to be more cost effective and eco-conscious, while creating a pleasant environment for shoppers.

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