Jan 08, 2015

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Innovative B2B Solutions like 8K Displays and Next Generation Projection Lighting

At CES 2015, Panasonic Corporation is introducing state-of-the-art consumer electronics as well as an extensive line-up of business solutions with actual case examples brought to life by cutting-edge AV and IT technologies.

Store Solutions Stage

  • 01_CES2015_retail.JPG
    Store Solution Stage
  • 02_CES2015_smartlight.JPG
    Demonstration of "Smart Downlight" (prototype)

Here, Panasonic is showcasing solutions that help enhance customer and employee satisfaction at restaurants and supermarkets.

  1. These include solutions for Quick Service Restaurants like "Noise cancelling microphones" (prototype) great for noisy drive-through environments and "Voice recognition/Automatic order input" (prototype) that will lead to more efficient ordering operation and customer satisfaction.
  2. As well as solutions for supermarkets like the "Electronic Shelf Labels" (prototype), which intelligently display product information, a "security camera" that covers a wide area to ensure customer security at top class high picture quality/high-resolution in the industry, and "camera application solutions," that help analyze store situations.
  3. And solutions for restaurants like the "Smart Spotlight" (prototype) that detects people, follows them, and displays desired information using a projector and the "Smart Downlight" (prototype), which recognizes objects like champagne glasses on the table to display relevant signage.
  • e-Shelf labels
  • Smart Spotlight Demonstration
  • Smart Downlight Demonstration 1
  • Smart Downlight Demonstration 2
  • Panasonic's Powershelf is the Future of Retail

Signage Gallery

Panasonic is introducing town signage solutions with the cutting-edge display technologies with actual examples.

  • 03_CES2015_lightID.JPG
    "Museum Signage" using Light ID. (prototype)
  • 04_CS2015_4Kmulti.JPG
    Multi-video Signage on 4K Touch Display (prototype)
  1. These solutions include those for shopping malls like the "Transparent Window Screen" (prototype), which makes it possible to project images and information onto transparent surfaces like store windows.
  2. And solutions for hotels like the "Multi-video Signage on 4K Touch Display" (prototype), a 4K high-resolution touch panel that allows users to easily operate numerous videos and information utilizing cloud servers.
  3. As well as the "Museum Signage" brought to life by using Light ID Solution (prototype) for high speed visible light communication, which lets users retrieve information from LED lighting and signage panels with their smartphones.
  • Space Player presentation
  • Transparent screen presentation
  • Light ID technology for smartphones

8K Solutions

Panasonic has taken 4K one step further to introduce the world's first(*) 55-inch 8K (7680 x 4320 dots) LCD Display (prototype). Our unique "IPS-Pro" technology has armed the new display with superior capabilities like a "high contrast (1500:1)," "wide viewing angle (178 degrees)" and a "high frame rate (120Hz)." This 55-inch 8K Display is optimal for a wide-range of B2B applications, for example simultaneously displaying and editing 4 pages of newspaper (broadsheet size) as well as CAD for full-scale A1 size data. Panasonic is introducing 8K high-resolution solutions using 2 displays - one wall-mount and one tabletop.
*As of January 6, 2015.

  • 06_CES2015_8K.JPG
    The world's first 55-inch 8K LCD Display (prototype)

Panasonic at CES 2015

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