Sep 17, 2014

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Actual Examples of Energy Saving Solutions for Supermarkets are Featured in the Video, “Developing Eco Stores Around the World”

Panasonic has developed a wide range of energy-saving solutions, such as freezer-refrigeration systems, which are used by a major supermarket chain in the U.S., and in Japan’s “CO-OP Sapporo” consumer cooperative and “Heiwado.” This video presents actual examples in each of these stores. Please see Panasonic's efforts to spread the advanced energy-saving technologies that it has accumulated in Japan to the world's supermarkets.

  • Developing eco stores around the world

In the beginning of the video, you’ll learn that “About 60% of the power used by supermarkets in the United States is consumed by freezer and refrigerator showcases.” As a solution, Panasonic proposed a showcase with a double air curtain. An invisible curtain of air traps cold air inside and keeps warm air out. By manufacturing these products in Mexico, Panasonic has also achieved excellent cost-competitiveness.

  • 01_Developing_eco_stores_US.jpg
    About 60% of the power used by supermarkets in the United States is consumed by freezer and refrigerator showcases (According to a Panasonic survey)
  • 02_Developing_eco_stores_air_curtain.jpg
    The double air curtain traps cold air to keep food fresh

Next, the video introduces a solution adopted by the “CO-OP Sapporo” eco store that helps to reduce CO2 emissions. With freezer systems and showcases that use non-CFC refrigerants, this store has reduced the annual CO2 emissions of the store to nearly half the level of existing stores.

  • 03_Developing_eco_stores_reach-in_showcase.jpg
    A freezing reach-in showcase that uses a CO2 refrigerant
  • 04_Developing_eco_stores_refrigeration_system.jpg
    A CFC-free refrigeration system installed on the store’s roof

And the last solution is an example of a “Heiwado” eco store. Heiwado and Panasonic jointly developed this energy-saving supermarket. The walls and roof of this building are equipped with solar panels that create 87,000 kWh of energy per year. Total energy-saving management is employed, for example, for large energy consumers like freezer-refrigeration systems, lighting, and air conditioning. By monitoring the usage conditions of these systems, which account for up to 80% of the store’s consumption, at Panasonic’s remote center and compiling the resulting data, the power consumption conditions can be visualized. Efforts such as these continue to help save even more energy.

  • 05_Developing_eco_stores_solar_panels.jpg
    Solar panels installed on the store’s roof
  • 06_Developing_eco_stores_pursuit_of_energy_savings.jpg
    A thorough pursuit of energy savings from lighting, showcases, air conditioning, etc.

The Panasonic Group’s energy-saving solutions help to reduce the wasteful use of energy and cut costs. This video presents these cutting-edge solutions together with actual examples.

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