Sep 06, 2014

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Panasonic Presents the 4K World and Announces the Re-launching of the Technics Brand at the IFA2014

Panasonic Corporation is exhibiting at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 2014 (IFA), one of the largest consumer electronics fairs in the world, held at Messe Berlin, Germany, from September 5 to 10, 2014.

The Panasonic booth features a bright design that allows easy viewing from edge to edge of its approximately 100-meter length, and displays a wide range of products, from AV devices to home appliances and BtoB solutions. Panasonic is also strongly promoting the relaunch of the Technics hi-fi audio brand. A special corner of the booth offers a relaxing atmosphere for experiencing Technics high-resolution sound.

Booth images and information are being provided daily on special IFA2014 Panasonic websites.

  • Flash Report by Steave Oakes at IFA 2014 Panasonic Booth

Panasonic at IFA 2014

Exhibition Highlights

Concept: Better Living Tomorrow

  • 01_ifa2014_corporate.jpg
    Concept Zone with Future Technologies

View Panasonic's proposals for sophisticated lifestyles near-future that showcase its unique technologies. Reference exhibits include a built-in kitchen, smart screens, and an interactive mirror capable of skin diagnosis and virtual make-up.

Digital AV / 4K World

  • 03_ifa2014_4K.jpg
    Expanding 4K World
  • 05_ifa2014_imaging.jpg
    Lumix and 4K Camcorder as Consumer Product

4K World: This 4K World proposal extends from B2C to B2B.
Panasonic's 4K products, such as the new 4K-compatible VIERA AX900 Series TV and X1000 Camcorder, which enable both 4K viewing and shooting, provide visitors with a true-to-life video experience. Examples are also presented of solutions that apply 4K technologies to transform business activities.

Home entertainment: A smart lifestyle proposal that provides easy, versatile content.
Based on the theme of "Beyond Smart TV," this corner presents advanced smart TV products, such as "TV Anywhere," which lets you enjoy video content both indoors and out, and "SAT>IP," which delivers satellite broadcasts without requiring a special tuner.

Audio: Proposals for enjoying various types of music indoors and outdoors.
This includes wireless audio, AllPlay-compatible Multi-room Speaker Systems and headphones for easy, comfortable high-res sound music enjoyment.

Imaging: Unique functions enable new ways to enjoy photos and videos.
The 4K Photo function lets you cut out still images of people captured with natural expressions in 4K video with the LUMIX GH4 and FZ1000, or spur-of-the-moment scenes. A wipe function is also presented using the main camera and sub camera feature.

Communication: New lifestyles are proposed combining smartphones with landline phones.
A unique and popular function uses Wi-Fi connection to allow the smartphone to be used as a handset for a normal home landline phone, based on the DECT system. Security systems and other products are also on display.

Home Appliances

  • 06_ifa2014_kitchen.jpg
    Cooking Demo with Built-in Kitchen Appliances
  • 08_ifa2014_tonyandguy.jpg
    Hair Styling Demo with Europe's Popular TONI&GUY Hair Salon

Cooking: New lifestyles are proposed for enjoying full-fledged cooking at home.
In addition to an actual kitchen display containing a number of built-in kitchen devices, a wide range of equipment is exhibited, such as espresso machines and slow juicers.

Home Appliances: Easier lifestyles are proposed based on original technologies.
Washing machines featuring an auto-care function (ECONAVI) that provides optimal washing automatically are on display.

Beauty: Lifestyles are proposed that make beauty and relaxation easier to achieve.
The effectiveness of Nanoe beauty products is presented through a hair styling demo based on a tie-up with Europe's popular TONI&GUY hair salon. A hands-on corner also displays a line-up of products, such as shavers, hair dryers, and steamers, and explains their benefits.


  • 09_ifa2014_technics.jpg
    Technics Booth

The newly reborn Technics fuses traditional acoustic technology with advanced digital technology to create an emotive musical experience. The R1 Series Reference System, which delivers the highest levels of musical emotion, and the C700 Series Premium System, which meets the demands of music lovers everywhere, are displayed by proposing a space that wraps the listener in high-resolution sound. The Technics philosophy and concept, along with its basic technologies, are presented together with its long history, to promote the brands re-launching.

Learn More about Technics

In addition, based on the DNA of Panasonic's home appliances, a variety of new developments are expanding Panasonic's product range in Europe, from homes to towns and cars. These include products such as automotive lithium-ion batteries and smart heat-pump heaters for BtoB applications. These and other Panasonic products are presented here under a single roof joined by a common design philosophy called "Future Craft."

  • 10_ifa2014_heatpump.jpg
    Smart Heat-pump Heaters
  • 11_ifa2014_tesla.jpg
    Automotive Lithium-ion Batteries for Tesla

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