Jan 09, 2014

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Featuring Innovative Business Solutions and 4K Products

For four days from January 7th to the 10th, Las Vegas hosts the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. As the global stage for innovation, CES showcases more than 3,000 exhibitors and attracts more than 150,000 attendees from all over the world. Among the exhibitors is Panasonic, with a booth themed under its new brand slogan "A Better Life, A Better World." This year Panasonic presents the latest 4K technology, consumer products and the rapidly expanding business solutions for corporations. Reporting on the rising excitement from the show floor is onsite correspondent Mari.

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    The 1,600-square-meter unified booth is open at both ends and strategically laid out.

Enhancing Contents Through Tremendous Quality, The Astonishing "4K Experience"

4K technology is expanding in both B to B and B to C domains. With an extensive track record in business solutions and high definition technology, Panasonic creates real innovative solutions through experience in both of these domains. Of these, the convex and concave 4K Curved OLED screen received considerable attention from attendees. The 4K Ultra-Wide screen, which can show an entire soccer field from goal to goal, will likely usher in a new era for sports analysis and entertainment. Also on display are 4K signage for the brands with the air touch floating control panel.

* 4K refers to "4K resolution" or any video or imaging in that format. Also called 4K2K or Ultra HD (UHD), it is four times the display resolution of HD, that's a pixel resolution of about 4000 x 2000. 4K allows the highest resolution ever produced and as the next standard it is primed to make its way into our lives starting with video content and the movie industry and is very likely to expand to other areas making our lives even more enjoyable.

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    The 4K display where you can experience numerous 4K solutions

4K Curved OLED

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Visitors to the booth could not take their eyes off the 4K Curved OLED. Six beautifully designed curved OLED panels were lined up as a gigantic wave display nearly 21 feet (6 m) long. Only with the technology of 4K high definition visuals could you enjoy that massive scale experience.

4K Signage

Three types of 4K signage for luxury brands are on display, each featuring original value-adding interactive technology.

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4K show window signage
Show window signage uses Panasonic's air-touch floating display system. A seemingly floating touch panel on invisible glass operates the show window display offering customers the shopping experience of tomorrow.

  • CES_4Kcatalog.jpg
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4K luxury catalog display
The 4K luxury catalog display uses the 55-inch IPSα display which has excellent color reproduction and viewing angle, so customers can see the luxury items in true to life detail even when viewing from off center.

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Large-screen interactive 4K viewing
Large-screen interactive 4K viewing works when customers pick up an item tagged with an RFID, it then instantly displays on stacked set of two vertical screens. At nearly three meters tall customers can see what it could look like to wear the items they picked up.

4K Ultra-Wide Video Applications

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At the booth you can see a demonstration of a 4K Ultra-Wide Video Application where images from four 4K cameras are stitched together for a panoramic view of an American Football game being analyzed. The image is seamless; even the tiny players are visible in crisp clear quality.

4K Consumer Experience

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4K technology will change how people experience television. The new 4K VIERA with high definition has fantastic amounts of information displayed on screen. This incredible capacity for information means people can enjoy a higher level of internet browsing, such as super high definition Google Earth images. At the booth you could try your hands on a new gaming experience, playing an auto racing game on a 85-inch display (as reference exhibit). Running 60 frames a second, the visuals produced are smooth and have the added benefit of being easy on the eyes. In short, the 4K high definition means an entirely new level of reality in the gaming experience.

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Wide-range of 4K Equipment
4K technology is expanding beyond the television into other consumer products such as a hands-free wearable camera, digital cameras and 4K Blu-ray player.

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Life + Screen
The new VIERA's smart function "Life + Screen" displays recommended content automatically when it identifies the user with the built-in camera. In addition, it displays not only the latest information received such as new emails but with my Stream, it will automatically recommend TV shows, videos and other content according to user preferences. Users can also search for content via voice using my Stream with Voice Assistant on the remote control.The large screen 4K VIERA will bring joy to not only the family but to the individual much in the way a tablet or smartphone does. This evolved 21st century television will surely become a close partner in our lives.

Introducing New Products to Make Lives More Vibrant

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    Multi-room Wireless Speaker

Multi-room Wireless Speaker:
All series Wireless Speaker with 'All-Play' is a cutting edge sound solution based on the new "All-Play" platform by Qualcomm. The wireless connectivity allows for seamless delivery of sound to any room equipped with the speaker straight from your smartphone or tablet.

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    Camcorder (Twin Lens)

Camcorder (Twin Lens):
Panasonic released eight new camcorders at CES. The W850 can allow you to take unique videos with picture-in-picture recording with the use of two cameras. One can point toward the subject and the other can point toward the user.

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    Lumix G

Lumix G:
At the Panasonic booth you can experience seamless transition between stills and video using Hybrid Photography through the LUMIX G Series with the most impressive in the series being the LUMIX GX7, a CEA Innovations Award Winner. Through hybrid photography, stills of a model combined with a video of a goldfish were presented.

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Inside the booth was the "Panasonic Styling Salon." Visitors could have professional styling done with hair dryers using Panasonic's unique nanoe™ moisturizing technology.

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    Home Appliance

Home Appliance:
Unique and stylish luxury kitchen appliances were on display. Panasonic offered visitors a chance to taste the espresso from their new Fully Automatic Coffee Maker. It allows users to customize brew strength of your espresso via the LCD display.


The Latest Business Solutions for the Automotive and Airline industries

Although CES focuses primarily on consumer electronic products, nine of the ten largest names in the auto industry are exhibiting at this year's CES. This trend is expected to continue as more consumers demand to have more entertainment and connectivity options in their daily lives such as in their cars, in the airplane, in the office building and in the office space than ever before. To meet this demand Panasonic continually works with its partners to achieve "A Better Life, A Better World," a promise to better consumer's lives and the business solutions that support them. Panasonic has been providing innovative solutions in electronics for automakers and airlines by using the cultivated knowledge gained by creating consumer technology. Especially the business solutions for the automotive industry in North America is the fastest growing part of Panasonic's business. In fact, IHS recognized the company as the No. 1 player in Automotive Infotainment worldwide two years running since 2012.

  • CES141071034-ERASER.JPG
    Auto or Airline Seat
    Mini Cooper: Accurate reproduction of the sound produced at Abbey Road Studios pumped through 12 speakers provides for an impressive car audio experience.
    American Airlines: Business class seating, with an abundance of in-flight entertainment content it would take nearly 15 times around the globe to watch all of it.

Automotive Solutions

  • CES141071121.JPG
  • CES141061215.JPG

Automotive Car Audio Systems:
To reproduce the sound musicians want everyone to hear, Panasonic partnered with world renowned Abbey Road Studios to collaborate on developing custom audio systems. At the booth, you can experience the high quality sound in a Mini Cooper!

  • CES141061292.JPG
  • upCES141061228.jpg

Automotive Network Service
With the largest share in market, the Internet radio startup AUPEO! has partnered with Panasonic. The AUPEO! app will recommend music genres and favorite musicians for iPhone users. At the booth it was usable through a BMW infotainment system.

Airline Solutions (In-Flight Entertainment and Communications)

Panasonic Avionics based in North America is poised to expand its reach to airlines around the globe. Leading in market share for In-Flight Entertainment and Communications, Panasonic also provides the world's only global WiFi network.

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Entertainment System
The seating for first class on Singapore Airlines is on display. The new eX3 system has a 24inch screen with more than 230 movies and 340 shows available to keep passengers entertained.

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Airline Control Solutions
Recreated was a Mission Control Center that provides 24 hour support for in-flight content and monitoring. Many airline oriented solutions were being offered such as precise weather forecasting by data from over 300 planes.

System solutions

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    One Stop Solution
    One-stop solutions for car dealers presented with security cameras, digital signage, and Toughbook/Toughpad. The showroom floor is visible from anywhere through the use of security cameras and the Toughpad.
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    Sports & Entertainment Solutions
    Deployed in North America, Panasonic's visual delivery solution partner VizRT of Denmark demonstrated long distance solutions for real time management for sports team score boards.

Streaming from the exhibition floor "Panasonic LIVE @ CES"

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    Guest speaker during one of the sessions.

For the third straight year, Panasonic is streaming a global interactive video broadcast, Panasonic LIVE @ CES 2014. The internet broadcast airs on January 7 and 8. It is a live broadcast to the whole world through Google Hangouts. Broken down into ten sessions about Panasonic's new products, services and business fields, each session contains various guests, industry experts and celebrities with discussions where viewers can join the conversation via Q&A.


Hashtag: #PanasonicCES

Press Conference Report - Panasonic Focuses on Rapid Growth in New Fields

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    Speech by Joe Taylor / Introducing new products

At the press conference held at Mandalay Bay Hotel on January 6, Joe Taylor, President of Panasonic North America, delivered a speech on the company's evolution. He emphasized that even as Panasonic continues to lead in consumer displays, batteries, imaging, and audio components, Panasonic is growing rapidly with business solutions in new fields such as in the auto and airline industry. He went on to say that Panasonic is looking into the future needs of consumers especially the renewable energy likely to support their lives and that a visit to the Panasonic booth would clearly illustrate the total approach Panasonic was taking to fulfill these customer needs. He closed with the topic of 4K , which as the next standard will impact numerous enterprises in addition to the home. With the changing needs of customers in mind, Panasonic's 4K technology will contribute to the brand promise of achieving a Better Life, a Better World.

Closing from Researcher, Mari (Los Angeles)

At this year's CES, I found that the focus is not particularly in home electronics but rather in the expansion of business to business solutions. And this trend can be seen in Panasonic as well. Using past experiences and accumulated technology and know-how, Panasonic is rapidly growing in the B2B market. This is backed up by nearly 100 years of corporate DNA that says Panasonic is committed to bringing about a better life through engineered solutions, just as the new company slogan suggests. "A Better Life, A Better World," this idea had led Panasonic to design solutions for the home, the office and mobile areas such as the car and airlines. Planes and especially cars are indispensable to life in America and in these places you'll find Panasonics contribution. From now on when I see something technology or service gotten easier or better, I'd like to think that Panasonic has had something to do with it.

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