Dec 25, 2013

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Panasonic Solutions in New Zealand

In 2013, Panasonic announced that by cooperating with various partners with respect to its B2B business and through its digital consumer business, it would propose "A Better Life, A Better World." This video introduces the various B2B solutions Panasonic provides in New Zealand. The important fields the Managing Director of Panasonic New Zealand Ltd., Mr. Stuart Fowler named were banks, developers, and utilities companies. Please take a look at the activities Panasonic undertakes in each field.

  • Panasonic Solutions in New Zealand

Numerous business solutions provided to banks

The first important field mentioned was banks. One of the key partners in this field is the Australia New Zealand Bank. Panasonic has provided security systems and touch screens equipped with projectors to the ANZ branches. Moreover, HD Video Communication Systems have been installed in the ANZ headquarters.

  • 02_NZsolutions.jpg
    Projectors installed at the ANZ branches

Solutions that provide high-level security to neighborhoods

Secondly, Mr. Fowler introduced a case example with developers. To provide excellent security to the Highbrook region, Panasonic provided a comprehensive wireless solution. Mr. Fowler also stated that "Currently we are looking at implementing that wireless solution here in New Zealand."

  • 05_NZsolutions.jpg
    Security cameras help provide a greater peace of mind to people of the community.
  • 03_NZsolutions.jpg
    You can watch crystal clear images captured by numerous cameras on the large screen display.

Energy solutions provided in cooperation with utilities companies

The third field introduced was utilities companies. One of the key partners of this field is Genesis Energy. This company borrows the rooftops of residents of a community, installs its solar panels, and generates energy with them. Using rooftop space available, the company works together with the community to create clean energy. Panasonic is taking part in this interesting endeavor.

  • 07_NZsolutions.jpg
    One of the key partners is Genesis Energy.
  • 08_NZsolutions.jpg
    A home where Genesis Energy has installed solar panels.

Managing Director Fowler concluded the video with the words, "We are always looking for new products and new product categories but the main thing for us is being able to offer our IP solutions business moving forward. We have to be able to offer a solution that is not just product orientated but it is the full solution, the full package and more and more of that is being internet capable and having the capabilities of designing projects over the internet." Panasonic offers numerous business solutions to partners in New Zealand.

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