Sep 09, 2013

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A Wider Range of AV Products and Home Appliances for You to Try!

IFA 2013 kicked off on September 6, 2013 in Berlin, Germany and Panasonic has expanded its product line-up for the European market with an even wider range of products in the audio-visual and home appliances categories. Better yet, Panasonic has increased the areas where visitors can experience and try for themselves the newest products and services.
Join us as we highlight Panasonic's series of latest products and solutions under the theme "A Better Life, A Better World".


"my Home Screen" is a personalized your own home menu screen that you can fully customize as you like by simply speaking to the VIERA TV. Through the customized home menu, you can easily access to your favorite web sites, applications, even online video sites and SNS sites. Furthermore, you can share your schedule amongst your family members and leave a video message for them from your Smart VIERA TV. No longer just a conventional TV, Smart VIERA is bound to make your life easier and more convenient than ever before.

  • 01_IFA2013_myhomescreen.jpg
    You Can Customized Menu on VIERA as your "my Home Screen"

But if you may think if it's too complicate to manipulate? No worries! Voice recognition enables easy operation and you can easily enjoy a web-search or change TV programs by just speaking to your TV. My Home Screen templates and wall papers are available to download from this fall to further customize the experience.

  • 02_IFA2013_vieraapps.jpg
    Available to Try Apps Set on my Home Screen
  • 03_IFA2013_touchpen_.jpg
    Swipe a photo to a Smart VIERA and Write your original message with a touch pen.

Cooking Demonstration with Panasonic's Kitchen Appliances

Healthiness of Japanese food is getting popular over the few years in Germany. Thus, Panasonic's booth this year demonstrates how to cook delicious authentic Japanese food using the induction hob in the cooking arena of the Panasonic booth.
Panasonic easy-to-care and clean induction hob can quickly heat up with the help of its optical temperature sensor which can detect the temperature of even hard to detect cast-iron pan bottoms.

  • DSC_5328-2-1.jpg
    Cooking Demo using Panasonic Induction Hob

At cooking arena, you can see how Japanese chef cooks living in Germany work their magic to produce the intricate looking but very healthy Japanese cuisines using Panasonic's induction hob. Of course, if you're a visitor, you'll be able to get a taste of it too!
In addition, you can try a cup of espresso by Panasonic's latest espresso machine so remember to drop by for a morning caffeine boost if you need it!

Panasonic LIVE @ IFA

This year again we see Panasonic present its interactive online broadcast, Panasonic LIVE @ IFA, bringing the Panasonic IFA experience and a world of innovation to people all around the globe. Enjoy Panasonic LIVE @ IFA at: #panasonicifa.

  • INFOTARs_0907s.jpg
    INFOTARs as Experts
  • with #panasonicifaexpert on Twitter:

    Our Product Experts will answers your question directly to you. Looking forward to your deep interests!

  • All you need to do is type in your mission and the INFOTAR will follow your command. Walk around our booth, check in on products and previews or witness a world premiere live.

  • Our products are only as brilliant as the innovators that use them. At IFA meet a group of unique industry leaders and discover how Panasonic has helped them uncover new possibilities in their fields.

* Participants have the chance to win a Panasonic product.

(Note: Participants must be at least 18 years old and reside within the EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland or Turkey. The competition is not open to Panasonic employees, or their family members.)

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