Sep 06, 2013

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Proposing New Life Style for the Future with Cloud Technologies

IFA 2013 kicks off on September 6, 2013 in Berlin, Germany and we are sure the crowd is excited to see the latest technology waiting to be revealed to the world.
Join us as we highlight Panasonic's series of latest products and solutions under the theme "A Better Life, A Better World".

  • DSC_5781-1.jpg
    Proposing a new lifestyle for the future with cloud technologies

Panasonic proposes a new lifestyle for the future with cloud technologies from AV to home appliances under the theme of "Better Living Tomorrow with the Cloud" at its concept stage in the center of Panasonic booth.

Here is a demonstrations of how the lighting in a room may be controlled by verbal commands or gestures are conducted in between the stage presentations.

  • "Gesture and Voice Control" of The Lighting Using Panasonic Cloud Technology - IFA 2013

The center of the stage features a presentation on what cloud technology can offer for you, from an easy-to-use for everyone service without using a remote control to an intelligent personal concierge service to take care of all the small matters, the presentation will demonstrate certain scenes of a person's life while utilising the TV, washing machine and organic EL lighting conceptual products on the stage.

Anyone Can Use Simply and Easily

If home appliances connect to the cloud and utilize its super high speed processing performance, you can control home appliances by just gestures or voice conversations. There's no need for remote controls to turn on TV or lighting. This is something like you are not operating appliances, you are living with your personal intelligent concierge. Not only the TV but even cooking appliances can be controlled by the voice. No matter what languages you speak, the cloud can understand what you speak. How would you imagine that?

Intelligent Concierge Services That Propose Things You May Not Be Aware Of

  • DSC_5342-1.jpg
    Washer & Dryer (Prototype)
  • DSC_5360-1.jpg
    LED Lighting (Prototype)
  • DSC_5760-1.jpg
    TV (Prototype)

In the near future when home appliances become your own cloud concierge, they think ahead and propose more convenient and fun things for you. For instance, the washer and dryer can propose to have the laundry dried after washing based on the information from the weather report about showers or an overcast, or you can monitor how the appliances are working or even operate them outside of the home. Even on the occasion of a house party, if your friends send you information on when they left home to your cloud concierge, it can automatically calculate estimated arrival time of your friends and proposes to pre-heat oven in advance to roast that home-made meal for the party. Moreover, when you watch a certain documentary program in the living room and have an interest in the location, you just simply need to say "Where is it? I may want to visit there." and the cloud kindly searches where it is and even recommend activities in that area you should try. Brilliant service, don't you say?

These are just several examples of new life with the cloud that Panasonic is thinking about. Home appliances can be more easy-to-use and smarter and can become your own concierge to take care of even the smallest matters in your life.

Panasonic LIVE @ IFA

This year again see the company present its interactive online broadcast, Panasonic LIVE @ IFA, bringing the Panasonic IFA experience and a world of innovation to people all around the globe. Enjoy Panasonic LIVE @ IFA at:

Flash Video Report of Panasonic at IFA 2013

  • Check out the flash video report from Panasonic booth.

Panasonic Press Conference at IFA 2013

  • Panasonic Press Conference at IFA 2013

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