Sep 06, 2013

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Welcome to the Panasonic Booth with its Latest 4K Products and Solutions

IFA 2013 kicks off on September 6, 2013 in Berlin Germany and we are sure the crowd is excited to see the latest technology waiting to be revealed to the world.
Panasonic highlights its series of latest 4K products and solution in the main entrance.

In the main entrance, firstly a large display monument that was built with 34 sets of Panasonic's new 4K 65-inch TV welcomes you. You can enjoy ultra high-definition 4K 60p "Beauty of Four Seasons" themed video content there. Panasonic's unique technology of high picture quality and dynamic video experience will give everyone a glimpse of the new "4K" era that's coming up.

  • Check the Flash Video Report from the Panasonic Booth

Debut of Panasonic's 4K TV

  • _MG_1946.JPG
    Panasonic Smart VIERA lineup
  • _MG_1169.JPG
    Panasonic's new 4K 65-inch TV

In the 4K area, you can see the advantages of Panasonic's new 4K TV. First, you can compare the picture quality between 60P and 30P videos side by side. Also you can see the differences and advantages of frame creation function. Panasonic's 4K TV is the industry first Displayport 1.2a equipped TV so that it can be directly connected to PC to enjoy 4K games such as "Project Cars" and "Final Fantasy XIV. Through our 4K technology, you can enjoy entirely new 4K gaming experiences that you've never imagined. Thanks to built-in H.264 decoder, 4K online video can also be viewed.

Expanding 4K Solutions from BtoC to BtoB

  • DSC_4940_012.jpg
    4K Solutions for BtoB

In addition to consumer products such as 4K TV and 4K DIGA Blu-ray recorder, for semi-professional users, 4K editing and prototype of 4K camcorder are demonstrated. For BtoB products and solutions, 20-inch 4K tablet (Toughpad 4K)that was just introduced in the European market this September 5th is displayed along with the actual 4K business solution examples.

Here is an example of how Panasonic's 20-inch Toughpad 4K could be used at a beauty salon. Simply stand in front of the Toughpad 4K, and high-resolution images of how you would appear after make up are displayed on the left and right sides of the screen.

  • Make-up Simulation Using Panasonic's 20-inch 4K Tablet - IFA2013

4K Organic Light Emitted Diode (OLED)

  • DSC_4935-1.jpg

    4K Organic Light Emitted Diode (OLED)

Panasonic showcases three sets of new 4K OLED display at IFA2013. This OLED display was first introduced at CES2013 held in this January 2013 and at IFA2013 newly advanced super thin OLED is demonstrated.

Panasonic LIVE @ IFA

This year again we see Panasonic present its interactive online broadcast, Panasonic LIVE @ IFA, bringing the Panasonic IFA experience and a world of innovation to people all around the globe. Enjoy Panasonic LIVE @ IFA at:

Panasonic Press Conference at IFA2013 (Sep. 4th)

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