Aug 14, 2013

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A Sophisticated yet Endearing Coffee Maker

Hello, this is Ayako in England. Although the British are world-renowned tea lovers, many also enjoy coffee on a daily basis. Coffee chains appear to be increasing their presence in England, and many people regularly drink coffee brewed at home on their coffee makers and espresso machines. Today, I visit the home of Mr. and Mrs. Veale, in the suburbs of Bath in the west of England, to see how they are enjoying their Panasonic coffee maker.

Panasonic makes its products and technologies available to a diverse range of consumers around the world. These articles show some of the ways the company is changing lives in different cultures from the views of local reporters.

Kitchen goods are proudly on display

For many middle-class families in England, family activities center around the kitchen where friends and relatives are typically entertained. Kitchen goods and appliances are commonly displayed on counters and shelves, rather than stored in cabinets, and they influence the overall atmosphere of the room. So the selection of these goods is nearly as important as decisions concerning the design of the room.

  • withp_uk_01_l_2013.jpg
    Blue is the kitchen's predominant color and contributes to an impression of openness and hospitality.
  • withp_uk_01_r_2013.jpg
    Favorite kitchen items and dishes are appealingly placed for viewing enjoyment.

Both design and functionality count

  • withp_uk_02_2013.jpg
    The bright coloring and style has made it a favorite kitchen item.

The Veale family had searched for the right coffee maker at department stores and home electronic appliance shops. They sought something that would complement the modern style of their kitchen, but nothing seemed to match. "The moment we saw the bright violet coffee maker from Panasonic, we fell for it. Since it stays cool on the outside while keeping coffee fresh and hot in the server, we thought it would be safe for a family with small children." Clearly, they found a coffee maker that was progressive in design as well as functionality.

  • The Veales enjoy the style and functionality of their Panasonic coffee maker.


Dining room coffee breaks

  • withp_uk_03_2013.jpg
    Relaxing in the dining room (above).
    The open backyard view (bottom).

The Veale's home is in the suburbs of Bath, in the west of England, and is surrounded by the quiet countryside. The two-century-old Georgian-style building is constructed of stone, and was originally part of a beer brewery. In contrast with the old exterior, the dining room interior is modernly designed to let in plenty of sunlight, and the garden can be viewed from the large glass windows. The Veale family likes spending holidays here whenever outdoor activities haven't been planned. The couple enjoys sipping coffee and nibbling on biscuits in the dining room while watching the children (at the cuddly ages of one and three) play happily in the backyard. Mr. Veale, who often works at home, says "The carafe is like a double-skinned pot and I'm amazed at how well it retains heat after I make coffee for breakfast in the morning and switch off the power. The temperature is just right even an hour or so later and I find that very useful." All in all, the couple drinks just as much coffee as tea.

Different styles for different folks

  • withp_uk_04_2013.jpg
    Bath has various coffee shops, including a branch of popular Pret A Manger (left) and a shop that specializes in brewing methods (right).

Coffee shops in England cater to increasingly refined tastes. Many customers have become choosy about coffee beans and brewing methods. For example, coffee beans imported at fair market prices from developing countries -- to support fair global trade practices and thus improve the lives and encourage the self reliance of farmers and workers in those countries -- enjoy widespread popularity. As with tea, people have their own particular ways of enjoying cups of coffee. Since families in England enjoy casually inviting guests to their homes, the demand for home coffee makers will likely increase in the years to come.

(Reported by Ayako)


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