Nov 07, 2011

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Newly Wed and Wrinkle-free in Cairo

Hello! This is Chie reporting from Cairo, Egypt, where economic liberalization has progressed in recent years and products from foreign countries have become readily available. Televisions and refrigerators were once out of reach for many people, but now they are more affordable and shops sell a greater variety of cooking appliances. Japanese products, in particular, are popular because of their excellent quality. In fact, products marked "MADE IN JAPAN" have become status symbols in Egypt.

Today, I visited the home of Ahmed and Mai, who recently purchased a Panasonic iron.

Panasonic makes its products and technologies available to a diverse range of consumers around the world. These articles show some of the ways the company is changing lives in different cultures from the views of local reporters.

  • 02_egypt_iron_wife.jpg
    Mai Proudly Poses with Her Iron

Arranged marriages are common in Egypt, but Ahmed and Mai married for love after years of romance. Following tradition, both of their families were involved in choosing their home furnishings and electric appliances. The house and furnishings were provided by Ahmed's family, while the chandelier and household appliances were supplied by Mai's family. Mai was careful about selecting the appliances because she knew she would be using them every day. In particular, she was committed to having a Panasonic 360° iron.

On Everything from T-shirts to Jeans, the 360° Iron Contributes to a Well-groomed Appearance

  • 03_egypt_iron_wife.jpg
    Mai Refuses to Let Ahmed Go Out Wearing Wrinkled Shirts

The unique design of Panasonic's 360° iron enables ironing in all directions. This capability is greatly appreciated by frequent users - especially in Egypt, where grooming is taken seriously and people tend to iron all their clothing, including T-shirts and jeans. Few Egyptians are willing to venture out of their homes in wrinkled clothing. For someone like Mai, who irons for two people every morning, the 360° soleplate provides a major advantage. She irons everything imaginable, including her husband's suits, shirts, T-shirts and jeans; her own Hijab head scarves; and even casual pants they only wear in the house. "Since the iron works in any direction, I can finish very quickly. And I love how the high-performance steam removes wrinkles with ease," says Mai. She adds that the 360° soleplate makes ironing fun.

  • 04_egypt_iron_2shot.jpg
    Ironing His Pants and T-shirts is Important, Too
  • 05_egypt_iron_edge.jpg
    She Appreciates the Stability of the Built-in Stand

Ahmed praises Mai's efforts and says, "Every day I go out feeling good about my clothes because she removes every wrinkle. I really appreciate that." Apparently, warm, freshly ironed clothes contribute to a happy marriage.

The Eye-catching "Super Iron"

  • 09_egypt_iron_box.jpg
    The "Japan Premium" Logo Assures Shoppers it was Made in Japan

Irons have long been used in Egypt, where grooming is considered very important. However, the irons were quite heavy and did not offer steam functions until recently. Now various types of irons are available in Egyptian stores.

Panasonic's 360° irons stand out from the crowd in attracting Egyptian shoppers who call them "super irons" because of their three significant advantages: Their unique 360° design, exceptional performance and easy handling.

  • 07_egypt_iron_downtown.jpg
    Ironing is in Great Demand and Ironing Shops Dot the City

Even though I visited Ahmed and Mai during Ramadan, a traditional time of fasting when not even a droplet of water can be swallowed until sunset arrives, they were extremely gracious hosts. I hope they always enjoy a happy life together.

  • 01_egypt_iron_2shot.jpg
    Ahmed and Mai in Their Charming Living Room

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