Jun 10, 2011

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Less is More for Brazilian Women

Hello! It's Naoko here, from beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Ultra chic and bursting with vitality and beautiful people, Rio is grooming itself to take center stage as a venue for the World Cup in 2014 followed by the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. The unique and intriguing charm of Rio owes much to its mestiço population, a term that describes individuals born from any mixture of ethnicities. Walk down the street and you'll immediately notice the striking beauty of these people, especially the women with their self-confident air and keen sense of fashion. How does Panasonic figure in all this? I made some inquiries and found out.

Panasonic makes its products and technologies available to a diverse range of consumers around the world. These articles show some of the ways the company is changing lives in different cultures from the views of local reporters.

Panasonic Soie Epilator - Daniella's Fav with a Great Design

  • 01_brazil_Ribeiro.jpg
    Ms. Daniella Carvalho Ribeiro (20 years old)
  • 02_brazil_soie.jpg
    Panasonic Soie Epilator

Daniella is studying to become an elementary school teacher. Having been instructed in the ways of eliminating unwanted hair by her mother since the age of forteen, Daniella swears by Panasonic's Soie. Removing unwanted body hair from underarms and areas below the knees is a must for Brazilian women while arm hair is only bleached. In addition, since the bikini line is such a delicate zone, many leave this to salons or take care of it at home with creams. As for Daniella, she'll often pack her easy-to-tote Soie and remove unwanted hair when visiting her friends.

  • 03_brazil_room.jpg
    Totally pink!
  • 04_brazil_magazine.jpg
    Daniella Knows What's Hot and What's Not.
  • 05_brazil_usesoie.jpg

Daniella purchased her Panasonic Soie on the recommendation of a friend. "She let me try it out and I thought, 'Wow! This is great!' It's so quick and effortless, and there's no need for water or gel." Regarding the color, Daniella was quite clear: "Brazilian girls love pink! It's really good looking!"

She uses her Soie about once every two weeks, relaxing in front of the TV and giving herself a gentle going over for about thirty minutes. "It's kind of soothing and not at all painful. Maybe a slight pinch here and there but that's it," she explains. This wasn't the case with other epilators, which she said would ruin her skin with redness and other irritations. And because it's so compact, Soie is always in her cosmetic bag on long trips.

Caring for the Body

In Brazil, removing unwanted hair is considered basic beauty etiquette and, despite the abundance of beauty salons able to perform this treatment, many women choose to do it themselves. I interviewed Ms. Fernanda Allegretti, beauty editor of the Brazilian edition of Marie Claire, about this.

  • 06_brazil_Allegretti.jpg
    Ms. Fernanda Allegretti, Beauty Editor Marie Claire Brazil

"The importance Brazilian women place on beauty is not to be underestimated. This starts with caring for the body," says Fernanda. It's hot throughout the year, too. That means, no matter how much makeup you apply, it tends to wear off during the day. Because of this, many women take a more natural approach to beauty that is not so dependent on makeup.

The Foundation of Beauty: Hair, Nails and Epilation

It's almost a mantra with Brazilian women: Hair, nails, and epilation! According to Fernanda, women should give their hair a conditioning treatment everyday (or a special treatment at least once a week), have their nails done weekly, and remove unwanted hair every other week. Whether going on a date or just going to the office, the neat, well-groomed Brazilian woman always pays attention to these three basics.

Happy with Home Treatment

Brazil teems with salons for hair, nails and epilation. But as Fernanda says, "While many women enjoy professional treatment offered at salons, an equal number are not only satisfied with, but actually enjoy, their own home treatment. Most of the time they know well which products or treatments work best and choose accordingly."

Women's Magazines Featuring Beauty Appliances

"In big cities, more and more Brazilian women are turning to home treatment to save time," she continues. "So we're running many articles on beauty appliances for home treatment, including epilators, hair dryers and other products. I think items like these have a really bright future in Brazil."

It's a fact that many Brazilians already have a hair dryer, and epilators are rapidly gaining in popularity. Moreover, the quality of these appliances is definitely improving, making it a given that they will gain in popularity over the next few years.

  • 08_brazil_hair.jpg
    Beauty Salon with Professional Beauty Products
  • 09_brazil_nail.jpg
    Basic Beauty: Neat Nails

Beauty appliances have always been a hot topic of conversation and, because Panasonic is a Japanese brand, I'm often asked how their products rate. From my interview with Fernanda, I was surprised to learn that many women who are particular about their grooming (and who demand a careful, professional finish) use an epilator at home, in addition to occasional visits to a salon. I believe that as working women become busier, the more the demand for beauty appliances will grow, especially in fashion conscious Brazil. Way to go, Panasonic!

(Reported by Naoko in cooperation with Marie Claire, Brazil Edition.)

  • 10_brazil_beach.jpg
    Copacabana Beach

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