Apr 11, 2011

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A lovely hideaway in the paradise of Bali

In Indonesia, the weather is always hot and humid so reliable air conditioners are a necessity. At the high-end hotels of Bali, it is especially crucial to furnish rooms with such reliable appliances and Panasonic is a brand these high-end hotels trust.

Panasonic makes its products and technologies available to a diverse range of consumers around the world. These articles show some of the ways the company is changing lives in different cultures from the views of local reporters.

Hi to everyone! This is Etsuko from Bali, the place where I've been living for the past two years since I got married. Bali is a world-class resort and, in the short time I've been here, this resort has always delighted me with many interesting sights and sounds. One thing I've noticed in my excursions around the island is the prevalence of Panasonic air conditioners in many of Bali's high-end hotels. Kind of a weird thing to notice but here in Indonesia, it's hot and humid all year and without air conditioners, everything would pretty much stop. That's how important air conditioning is. So why Panasonic? I visited a popular hotel to find out.

Panasonic Air Conditioners and Telephones All Over the Place!

  • 01_bali_aircon_f.jpg

Disini Luxury Spa Villas (or Hotel Disini) is a 5-star boutique villa hideaway that is internationally ranked. Immediately upon arriving at the reception, I see two Panasonic air conditioners quietly humming away. Later I'm shown the hotel's administrative offices in which all air conditioners, telephones and fax machines are Panasonic.

  • 02_bali_phone_f.jpg

I then move on to one of the villas. The telephone here is also Panasonic. Hotel Disini offers individual villas, each with a private pool. When you want to venture out, a staff member driving a cart comes to fetch you to a gate far away, making the telephone an indispensable object.

  • 03_bali_aicon_limocon_f.jpg

As I peer into the room I again see a Panasonic air conditioner among the wood-finished furniture. Two air conditioners keep the rooms in the spacious villa very comfortable.

  • 04_bali_light_f.jpg

Further exploration reveals a dimmer for the room lights. With a pool next to the room, the dimmer helps create just the right atmosphere.

  • 05_bali_spa_f.jpg

Now I'm at the spa, which is quite popular even for people not staying at the hotel. Here, of course, are more Panasonic air conditioners.

  • 06_bali_phone_f.jpg

Telephones in the spa's treatment rooms are Panasonic as well. As I finish my tour of the hotel I discover that in fact all air conditioners and telephones are Panasonic.

Trust in Panasonic Earned Over 25 Years Ago

Why do they have so many Panasonic appliances? Maybe the distributor in Bali is a great salesperson, or perhaps some staff worked at Panasonic before. I thought I'd ask the owner.

  • 07_bali_tim_f.jpg

"One reason, I trust them," says Tim, the Canadian owner. "I was running a business in Canada 25 years ago, around the time cordless telephones first came out. The Panasonic telephones we had in our office at that time were so good we were still using them after 10 years."

What about air conditioners? "Well," he responded, "we don't have many air conditioners in Canada. So because of our experience with the telephones, we chose Panasonic for air conditioners, too."

  • 08_bali_wife_f.jpg

When opening Hotel Disini, Tim considered 'finest hospitality' to be the key element of his brand. In order to ensure this, he had to have the air conditioners operating 24/7. "It's hot in Bali," he explained. "If the air conditioners aren't working, we ruin our guests' vacations. With Panasonic, I don't have that worry. It was the right choice."

Tim's wife, Caroline, a Taiwanese-Canadian, also had an opinion. "I've always been surrounded by Panasonic products at home, like hair dryers and other health and beauty appliances." As you can see, her radiant beauty is a fine testament to Panasonic!

Panasonic Reliability Extends to the Kitchen, Too!

  • 10_bali_food_f.jpg

Hotel Disini has a central kitchen, delivering hot food to guests anytime day or night. (It's not unusual for guests to wake up late and eat breakfast at noon!) Of course, Panasonic air conditioners and electric fans are located throughout the kitchen. "In steamy Bali, air conditioning is very important for keeping ingredients fresh and when cooking!" says the hotel's French chef. "I trust them because they never break down." Here too, trust in the Panasonic brand is strong.

  • 12_bali_staff_f.jpg
  • 11_bali_staff_f.jpg

Not only in Bali but throughout South East Asia, stable electric power is a challenge and is continuously a major concern for hotels. But when power is flowing, it's nice not to have another worry about the air conditioners breaking down. That is why Hotel Disini and many other famous hotels in Bali use Panasonic air conditioners. When visiting this beautiful island take a look at the air conditioner in your room. I'm sure you'll bound to see that Panasonic really is "always with you."
(Reported by Etsuko)

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