Mar 01, 2024

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PGI in Action: On the Frontlines of Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Across the Globe

The Panasonic GREEN IMPACT (PGI) initiative embodies the company’s efforts to contribute to a more sustainable global environment, and ultimately a better life for all. Learn more about the products, solutions, and campaigns that companies across the Panasonic Group have been introducing to address local and regional environmental issues while driving more effective engagement on sustainable lifestyles with employees and consumers.

  • Europe is pivoting away from fossil fuels in major CO2 emitting industries such as mobility and building, and Kathrin Schlangenfeldt discusses Panasonic’s role in the clean energy transition
  • Seeking to make Europe the first carbon-neutral continent, the EU is taking the lead on the promotion of circular economy, an economic system that seeks to achieve the most efficient use of material resources along their lifecycle
  • Circular economy aims to revolutionize the way companies do business, and Markus Reichling details how embracing circularity can enhance sustainability, aid in decarbonization efforts, and reinforce the Panasonic Group brand

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  • Andrea Murphy outlines the collaborative and innovative ways that Panasonic North America is addressing environmental challenges in its region
  • Collaboration across the organization helped Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America (PASA) achieve net-zero CO2 emissions at all of its automobile factories, while collaboration with external partners is helping Panasonic North America promote circular economy and recycling initiatives that reduce raw material consumption and emissions
  • Turning to innovation, Panasonic’s MULTISHAPE exemplifies the commitment to circular economy, consolidating various personal care items into a single device while slashing resource consumption by up to 60%

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  • Panasonic is actively contributing to decarbonization efforts in China, supporting the nation’s ambitious targets to cap peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060
  • Tetsuro Homma explains how Panasonic’s air-conditioning and air-quality solutions promote healthy lifestyles, and why practical application of its advanced hydrogen fuel cells in buildings and for power generation demonstrates their broader potential in a sustainable future
  • Across lifestyle, town planning, mobility, and supply chains, Xiangdong Zhao underscores the Group’s broad scope in China and reiterates the goals of providing energy-saving and green-energy solutions

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  • Manish Sharma, Chairman of Panasonic Life Solutions India and South Asia, explains how the company is advancing its PGI initiatives through customization of products, solutions, and processes that address local environmental issues and priorities
  • From waterless testing of washing machines to energy efficient air-conditioning systems and restrictions on hazardous materials, Panasonic is leading the transition to a sustainable society through proactive innovation
  • Meanwhile, investment in a corporate culture of continuous learning and open engagement is playing a critical role in raising employee awareness of and commitment to environmental initiatives

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  • Arlison M. Bomfim explains how PANABRAS, echoing the government’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions, is leading Panasonic’s environmental initiatives under the PGI action plan in Brazil
  • Three PANABRAS facilities became the first in Latin America recognized as “Zero-CO2 Emissions” factories, and the company’s Extrema plant has been dubbed the “Green Factory” for its ecologically-minded manufacturing process
  • Collaboration with partners on reverse logistics initiatives and employee participation in activities that promote circular economy are complemented by brand ambassadors and “green” events that connect with younger generations to promote sustainable lifestyles

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  • Hiroyuki Kitano, Director of Panasonic Asia Pacific, introduces the “Live Green and Wellness with Gen G” campaign, explaining how the company leverages PGI initiatives to inspire Vietnamese of all generations to lead an environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle
  • Panasonic’s unique campaign paired online engagement with off-line activities and real and virtual ambassadors to let young people express their passion for a sustainable future
  • The Gen G campaign culminated in an Offline Youth Summit in which participants submitted actionable proposals and worked with Panasonic and experts to find real life applications for their ideas

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