Jul 11, 2023

Panasonic in Numbers / Feature Story


Panasonic in Numbers: kinari

Globally, 3671 million tons of plastic waste are produced every year. Single-use plastics such as cups, drinking straws, and utensils have a serious impact on the environment because they are not reusable.
Panasonic has been researching the use of cellulose fiber to create a more sustainable material based on a resin that is a highly functional and reusable with a lower environmental impact.
To date, Panasonic research has confirmed that kinari cellulose fiber molding material can achieve a biomass content greater than 90%2.

1 Source: https://www.genevaenvironmentnetwork.org/resources/updates/plastic-waste-management/
2 Source: Panasonic; awaiting third-party verification

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