Mar 24, 2022

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Safer Air and Modern Luxury with nanoe™ X - Panasonic Partners with Jaguar Land Rover

Over the years, Panasonic has been working to develop its unique, patented nanoe™ (nanoe) X technology, which will be deployed in British luxury automobile manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover's new RANGE ROVER. Panasonic's nanoe X technology, which has been fine-tuned since 2003 is well known for keeping users healthy and rejuvenated by inhibiting bacteria and viruses and reducing odours. This technology works by releasing huge volumes of hydroxyl radicals contained in water that fight bacteria and allergens and deodorizes the surrounding space. Being contained in water, these hydroxyl radicals live much longer and spread much farther than conventional hydroxyl radicals, having a greater impact in inhibiting harmful substances and reducing odour intensity. The applications for this technology are broad in scope and has been used in a wide range of products from air conditioners to automobiles.

This collaboration between Panasonic and Jaguar Land Rover sees nanoe X being deployed in new RANGE ROVER's in-vehicle HVAC systems. It is integrated into air conditioning systems and is used to generate hydroxyl radicals to help purify the in-cabin air quality by suppressing odors, allergens, bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE performance SUV, and Land Rover line-up - including the DEFENDER, feature Panasonic's nanoe technology to boost in-cabin air quality.

Photo: Jaguar Land Rover's new RANGE ROVER

Changing public attitudes towards health

With public health in the spotlight over the last 2 years, the pandemic has drastically altered all aspects of peoples' daily lives and routines. Increasing numbers of people have got into the habit of routinely sanitizing areas with which they come into contact and are turning their attention to their cars for a safe transport environment. Public awareness in good air quality has also increased with an emphasis on good ventilation indoors as the UK government and UK health services published recent guidelines on ensuring fresh air circulation in cars. However, Panasonic's partnership with Jaguar Land Rover predates the beginning of the pandemic. In 2017, the Panasonic board invited Jaguar Land Rover management to Ariake in Japan, where both companies shared their visions for the future of in-cabin air quality. At this meeting Jaguar Land Rover learned about the next generation of nanoe, known as nanoe X, and how this could further contribute to Jaguar Land Rover's vision for premium in-cabin air quality.

Panasonic understands and shares Jaguar Land Rover's vision for modern luxury in its products. Jaguar Land Rover considers their cars to be a safe, protective and tranquil sanctuary, a truly lovely place to be. Protected from viruses and bacteria and tranquil with odours being suppressed, nanoe X technology significantly contributes to Jaguar Land Rover's luxury in-vehicle experience, resulting in an extremely complementary partnership.

nanoe X technology in action

'nanoe' are nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles produced by applying a high voltage to water collected from the air and contains hydroxyl radicals (highly reactive components) that easily act on various substances. Panasonic's nanoe X takes this process of producing hydroxyl radicals and increases it tenfold compared to conventional products.

Jaguar Land Rover integrated nanoe X within a group of technologies that is collectively termed as cabin air purification Pro. The effectiveness of nanoe X lies in its benign nature to the vehicle and the occupants. Jaguar Land Rover implemented a dual nanoe X technology system, combining two nanoe units for allergen reduction and pathogen removal, with one unit in the front and one in the rear to provide even distribution of the hydroxyl radicals.

Panasonic has thus far received positive feedback from Jaguar Land Rover tests on the efficacy of nanoe X to viruses and bacteria through rigorous in-vehicle testing in the new RANGE ROVER. Jaguar Land Rover confirmed that deploying a combination of filtration and nanoe X technology achieved the best results as compared to other alternatives. Panasonic's nanoe X is a tried and tested technology, having already made a name for itself in the consumer care industry in Japan, and is a technology that can become key to a wide range of in-vehicle systems in the context of ionization, air circulation and filtration. For these reasons Jaguar Land Rover was compelled to consider implementing this technology in future vehicles and carrying out further vehicle efficacy testing programs at pace.

Commitment to sustainability

Panasonic's mission is to create products which not only reduce the burden on the environment and overconsuming scarce resources, but also leave a positive impact on society and the planet. By developing and deploying nanoe X technology in their lineup of automobiles, Jaguar Land Rover recognizes that the naturally occurring hydroxl radicals in nanoe X can reduce the risks of harmful pathogens and pollutants that adversely affect passengers and the community's well-being, providing an advanced natural solution to cleaning these substances from in-vehicle environments.

Panasonic has a vision for the future, whereby the company can achieve the highest air quality and reduce harmful pollutants, particularly in denser urban environments where more and more people are living. By collaborating with partners around the world, Panasonic aims to create a society that is safer for generations to come and will continue to develop and implement greener technology that is more energy efficient and is carbon neutral.

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