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Apr 08, 2024

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Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Releases the new mainframe AT-KC200L1 supports SDI as standard and Software version 1.7 available for Smart Routing

The number of inputs handled by KAIROS is virtually increased.

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd. announced today the new mainframe Kairos Core 200 AT-KC200L1 and software version 1.7 for the KAIROS IT/IP platform. The AT-KC200L1, which supports SDI I/O as standard, and the new function smart routing function in version 1.7, provide customers in a wide range of video production, including not only broadcasting, events, sports but also corporates and educational markets, with improved video quality and productivity using KAIROS. The new mainframe will be on display at the Panasonic Connect booth (#C3310), NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 14 to 17.

The AT-KC200L1 is a mainframe equipped with essentially the same functions as the second-generation Kairos Core 200 (AT-KC200) announced in June 2023, and supports 24 inputs / 12 outputs (FHD) as standard*1. Therefore, KAIROS, with unlimited number of layers as GPU allows and CANVAS function for unrestricted video production free from resolution and angle of view, intuitive and easy operability with macro functions and an IP-connected control panel and high scalability due to the software-based system, offers more flexible video production to customers using SDI-based video production system. In addition, up to 32 inputs/16 outputs (FHD) can be supported by installing the optional product AT-KC20M1 SDI I/O Board, released in February 2024*2.

AT-KC200L1 rear terminal

Updating the software to version 1.7, enables a new function Smart Routing. This function automatically imports any video delivered on the network switch*3 into KAIROS as required, allowing KAIROS to virtually handle a larger number of input sources. Because of this, it is no longer necessary to consider the bandwidth limitations of the video that KAIROS can receive simultaneously, making it more convenient for video production using a large number of inputs on KAIROS.

Through the KAIROS IT/IP platform, Panasonic provides unlimited video production to all customers involved in video production and distribution, especially those in the broadcasting, sports, and event industries.

*1: IP input/output will be supported in the future.
*2: Consult with your Panasonic dealer ( about SDI I/O board AT-KC20M1 installation.
*3: For devices that have been confirmed to work with KAIROS Alliance Partners, please refer to the KAIROS Alliance Partner's webpage.

■New Product Outline

image: AT-KC200 front

Product Name

Kairos Core 200 (Main Frame)

Model No.


Release Date

June, 2024

■KAIROS Version 1.7 Details

【Compatible products】

-Mainframes: Kairos Core 2000 (AT-KC2000/2000S1), Kairos Core 200 (AT-KC200/200L1), Kairos Core 1000 (AT-KC1000), Kairos Core 100 (AT-KC100)
-Software: Kairos Creator (AT-SFC10), Touch Control Panel Software (AT-SFTC10), Kairos Core Manager (AT-SFCM10)
-Control Panel: Kairos Control Panel (AT-KC10C1, AT-KC10C2)

【Scheduled to be available】

2Q in CY2024

【Main functions】

Smart routing

About KAIROS IT/IP Platform

KAIROS is a live production platform that allows your team to work both in the studio and remotely with multiple workstations for distributed contributors. Easily converging baseband SDI and SMPTE ST 2110 workflows, it’s Agile I/O, Smart Routing and IT-based, open-architecture provide fast scalability. KAIROS produces up to 4K HDR expressive and low-latency images for the best in quality. The platform’s unique processing allows an unlimited number of MEs and keys for sophisticated video composition, controlled from a customizable software interface with drag and drop controls that are instantly recognizable to users familiar with other digital media creation tools.

For more information, please visit the website of Panasonic's IT/IP platform "KAIROS".

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