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Mar 06, 2024

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Panasonic Expands Its Water Solutions Business in Indonesia

Water Purification System for removing iron from well water to be released
Combined with pipe cleaning and other services

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation today announced that its Heating & Ventilation A/C Company's launch of a new model of the Water Purification System, which removes iron from well water using the company's unique technology. The release is scheduled for April 2024 in Indonesia. Additionally, in August, the company will introduce a Water Softener, which transforms hard water into soft water. In addition to combining these new products with the well water pumps and electric showers already on the market, the company will strengthen the organization involved in the water quality testing required before installation of the equipment and offer a new pipe cleaning service. This will contribute to enhance the quality of life for the Indonesian people through an expanded business in water-related solutions, encompassing equipment sales and services.

“Clean Water and Sanitation” is listed as one of the goals of SDGs. Water-related issues are a major social challenge around the world. In Indonesia in particular, approximately 70% of the population uses low-quality well water for laundry, showers, and other domestic uses, raising public health concerns. Water in Indonesia is hard with high calcium and magnesium content, which causes inconveniences such as stiffness in washed clothes, discomfort in showers, and limescale on kitchen equipment and dishes. The company expects to solve these problems by treating the water so that it becomes soft.

In 1988, Panasonic began selling National (now Panasonic) brand well pumps in Indonesia and has since expanded to other countries in Asia, as well as Central and South America. However, well water with high levels of iron is unsanitary, resulting in odor and turbidity, and can cause stains on laundry as well as discoloration of bathtubs and toilet bowls. In 2020, Panasonic launched the Water Purification System, which enables the company to provide purified domestic water by using its proprietary technology to remove iron and turbidity from water. Its filtration performance can last up to five years if users personally maintain the filter in the filtration section once a day. In addition to individual customers, the product is sold to corporate clients such as housing developers, and has been well received.

The following is an overview of the Water Purification System and Water Softener set to be launched this time, as well as the planned expansion of services and the strengthening of the organization.

1. Launch the new Water Purification System, which is compatible with various types of pumps*1, and expands the range of available water qualities with an optional pre-treatment filter

Conventional models required an additional valve (relief valve) when combined with pumps with water pressures of 0.3 MPa or higher, such as deep well pumps, which resulted in additional costs for users. The new model, to be launched in April 2024, has a revised water pressure resistance and can be installed without additional valves for water pressures up to 0.6 MPa, making it compatible with a wide range of pumps. In addition, the size of the unit has been reduced by 50%*2 compared to conventional models, requiring less installation space. In August 2024, an optional pre-treatment filter will be released to expand the range of supported iron concentration and turbidity of water*3.

2. Launch a Water Softener that transforms hard water into soft water that is more suitable for domestic use

A Water Softener that can be used in conjunction with the Water Purification System is scheduled for release in August 2024. Water Softeners use ion exchange resin to convert hard water into soft water. However, the resin does not work efficiently and machine life is shortened if iron remains in the water. This has prevented the widespread use of Water Softeners in Indonesia, where well water is predominantly used. Through its water-related equipment business, Panasonic has identified the potential need for soft water. The company recognizes this as an opportunity and aims to create a new market.

3. Enhance services related to water solutions, including the launch of the pipe cleaning service, and the organizational structures supporting them

Well water pipes can accumulate iron and other contaminants that cause water to appear cloudy, even after purification. In April 2024, Panasonic will start a service to clean pipes with chemicals before installing the Water Purification System, as part of the water solutions business, which includes services and equipment sales. Currently, testing for iron concentration and turbidity of the water, prerequisites for installing the Water Purification System, is only carried out at the headquarters. Water samples must be transported there, potentially resulting in a two-week delay for test results to be available. By the end of fiscal 2023, the number of inspection sites will be increased to five, reducing the lead time to approximately five days. In addition, all water quality data is managed and accumulated in a cloud system to support data-driven product development in the future.

Panasonic aims to establish its Water Purification System as the standard in Indonesia and intends to contribute to society through the solutions business, leveraging its water-related products and services in collaboration with various business partners.

*1: Pumps with pressures higher than 0.6 MPa are not compatible with the Water Purification System.

*2: Footprint: conventional model (0.30 m2), new model (0.15 m2)

*3: Range of water quality supported: conventional model (iron concentration: 6 mg/L, turbidity: 100 NTU); new model (iron concentration: 12 mg/L, turbidity: 150 NTU)


■Water Purification System

Product name

Water Purification System

Product number


Release date

April 2024

■Water Softener

Product name

Water Softener

Product number


Release date

August 2024


1. Water Purification System

image: Water Purification System

2. Water Softener

image: Water Softener

3. Pipe cleaning service

image: Pipe cleaning service

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