Mar 17, 2021

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Panasonic to Accelerate New Businesses in Thailandfor New Normal Era

- With a local partner, the company will enter the modular construction housing market
- The company will also expands its air quality business with new innovative products

Module construction housing, Robotic Care Bed / Wheelchair Resyone Plus, MirAle, "ziaino", wall-mounted supply fan with a PM2.5 filter

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation today announced that it will accelerate new businesses in Thailand for the new normal era, starting in the new fiscal year that begins on April 1, 2021. The new strategy undertaken by Panasonic’s Life Solutions Company focuses on three key initiatives: expanding the product line of housing equipment; strengthening the air quality business; and entering into the modular construction housing business with a local partner.

Mr. Wataru Matsumoto, Chairman, Regional Headquarter of Panasonic Life Solutions Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Oceania Division of Panasonic Life Solutions Japan, said that despite the decline in housing sales in Thailand, partly due to the impact of Covid-19, the detached house market is projected to have grown steadily in the year to March 2021 and continue the upward trend with demand especially in the urban neighborhood. Against this backdrop, as people spend more time at home during the pandemic, houses are required to have high value-added features, such as high quality, energy-saving and health, he said. At the same time, other social issues are becoming apparent, including ageing society and labor shortage and quality problems in the construction industry.

To respond to those needs and social issues in Thailand, Panasonic rolls out the following three key initiatives:

1) Expansion of the product line of housing equipment

In response to a growing demand for higher quality of life as consumers spend more time at home during the pandemic, Panasonic will significantly strengthen the lineup of housing equipment. In addition to the launch of Robotic Care Bed / Wheelchair Resyone Plus that assists the elderly to get out of bed, scheduled for July 2021, the company plans to introduce its IoT-enabled "Smart Box" parcel delivery box and downlights with a built-in speaker. The company will also develop Bathroom Unit and deploy its “MirAle” IoT platform for homes, allowing users non-contact operation of home appliances and housing equipment via smartphone.

2) Strengthening of the air quality business by introducing new products such as "ziaino" Antibacterial Deodorizer

Ranging from ventilation fans to air purifiers, Panasonic is a leader in the air quality industry with continuing development of value-added solutions. In the Thai market, the company has introduced ventilation fans that filter out dust and PM2.5[1] for homes. The company plans to launch wall-mounted supply fan with a PM2.5 filter in April 2021. Panasonic is also offering Hydroxyl radicals contained in water "nanoe™ X" devices with nano-sized electrostatic water particles that effectively inhibit the activity of airborne and adhered bacteria and viruses. In the second half of the new fiscal year, the company plans to enter a Non-Residential market including hospitals and schools in Southeast Asia by introducing its Antibacterial Deodorizer "ziaino" that employs sodium hypochlorite to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the air in order to ensure a safe and secure air environment.

3) Entry into the modular construction housing business in cooperation with Siam Steel

By partnering with Siam Steel International Public Company Limited, Thailand's leading manufacturer of steel products and building materials, Panasonic will enter the modular construction housing market in the new fiscal year, aiming to improve living space by offering high-quality, short construction period, and high added value. The partnership focuses on the quality living space by utilizing advanced technologies in housing materials Panasonic has cultivated and Siam Steel’s expertise in housing construction that meets the needs of Thai consumers. Modular houses will be equipped with Panasonic’s Hydroxyl radicals contained in water "nanoe™ X" devices and latest housing equipment to create a healthy and comfortable living space.

Panasonic and Siam Steel today opened "Experience Center," a two-story model home for modular construction. The house features a new lifestyle and solutions using Panasonic's latest technologies and unique products, targeting architects, interior designers, and real estate companies.

As a leader in the field of electrical materials and housing equipment, Panasonic is committed to bringing cutting-edge technologies, expertise, and experience cultivated over the years to propose solutions on a global scale that realize healthy, safe, secure and comfortable spaces.


[1] PM2.5 refers to particles found in the air that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers.

■ Details of the model home

Name Experience Center
Opening Date 17 March 2021
Address 51 Moo 2, Poochao Rd., Bangyaprak, Phrapradaeng,
Samutprakarn, 10130, Thailand
Opening Hour 10:00~17:00
Display Space Approx. 340 sq.m.
Main Exhibited Product Power Components, System Components, Home Automation Systems,
Lighting Fixtures, Indoor Air Quality Equipment, System Kitchen, Bathroom Unit

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