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Feb 08, 2024

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Panasonic Industry Moves Headquarters Functions to New Toranomon Site in Tokyo,
Accelerating co-creation with Stakeholders to Achieve 2030 Vision

Tokyo, Japan – Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President, CEO: Shinji Sakamoto) officially opened “Innovation HUB TOKYO,” a futuristic creation site fostering interaction between people and information, in February 2024 at Toranomon Hills in Tokyo. Panasonic Industry established its 2030 vision of “Looking ahead to indications of the future to lead society's transformation with our customers.” In line with this vision, Panasonic Industry established this new site in Toranomon Hills. Panasonic Industry transferred its main head office functions, which were previously performed out of Kadoma, Osaka, to the new site and additionally consolidated the development and sales department operations at this location. These departments were previously situated in separate locations in Tokyo and bringing them together under one roof will accelerate Panasonic Industry’s ability to achieve its 2030 vision.

Equipped with a range of laboratories for purposes such as product evaluations, the new site will function as an innovative office space, fostering collaboration between individuals’ intellectual contributions and technologies. The site not only promotes co-creation with external parties but also features communication spaces, supported by an open design, aimed at generating synergy through collaboration among internal staff from engineering, sales, and head office departments, transcending organizational boundaries.

Situated in the heart of Tokyo and easily accessible for overseas visitors, this new site representing Panasonic Industry will spearhead the creation of new value by enhancing the company’s profile and attracting exceptional talent.


Name: Innovation HUB TOKYO, Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

Location: 2-6-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Toranomon Hills Station Tower 22F and 23F

Floor area: 6,800 m2 (combined total of both floors)

Departments to be relocated: Head office, technology development, and sales and marketing departments

Open: Thursday, February 1, 2024

Purpose of the foundation

- Enhance communication with stakeholders (customers, related parties, job applicants, etc.) and improve the experience value.

- Create a new value through collaboration with external researchers and engineers

- Generate synergy effects through internal collaboration that transcends organizational boundaries.

- Main site for recruitment drive

Main functions

* Technical office with experimental labs that foster collaboration with external parties

* i-SQUARE, open space and multipurpose area for realizing co-creation with stakeholders

* Hands-on showroom designed to make visitors feel familiar with devices

* Wall-less open office fostering diverse collaboration

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“Innovation HUB TOKYO” entrance

Communication spaces aiming at generating synergy

Open office fostering diverse collaboration

i-SQUARE, open space and multipurpose area for realizing co-creation with stakeholders

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About Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

A global leader in developing innovative technologies and solutions for wide-ranging applications, the Panasonic Group switched to an operating company system on April 1, 2022 with Panasonic Holdings Corporation serving as a holding company and eight companies under its umbrella. Panasonic Industry, in charge of the Panasonic Group's device business as one of the eight companies in the Group, was established on April 1, 2022 with the mission "We will open the way to a better future and continue to contribute to an affluent society through a variety of device technologies." Against the backdrop of the labor shortage in manufacturing, the explosion of data with the rise of the information-based society, and greater demands for the environment and safety for the mobility society, the company focuses on areas where continuous evolution is required and provides customer value with distinctive features of unique material and process technologies such as capacitors, compact servomotors, EV relays, and electronic materials. For the year ended March 31, 2022, the company achieved net sales of 1,131.4 billion yen. Learn more about Panasonic Industry:

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